Simple Steps to Organise Every Space in Your House

Organising rooms with a couple of children in the house isn’t an easy task to perform. Organising things in every corner and making a clutter-free home is a continuous process and not a one-time thing, and sometimes organising a space is supposed to be done twice a day.

Of Course, it is a hectic task to perform in your everyday life, and no one has time to spend on keeping things organised and making your home a Truly Organized Space. Well, it is just about some hacks to do. Let us help you out.

Steps To Organise Space in House

1. Get everything out.

Practically, not all things, but one thing at a time. Identify what part of your room needs to be rearranged and start from scratch. You know, when they say that it has to get worse in order to get better, that is what we are talking about.

Getting out everything helps you know well about what you have to do with everything. For example, when we talk about the kitchen, you won’t place everything right while using it daily. Place everything out of it, and it makes you know which things are supposed to be at what place or section of the refrigerator. The same is with your closet in the bedroom, drawers, cupboards, and everything.

2. It’s time to be choosy.

Common, let’s be honest; everything you have is not something you’ve been using in everyday life. Organizing is also about getting rid of things, so clutter that is broken or worn out needs to be segregated here. Remove items that you haven’t used in a while, and it’s time you scrap them. Holding things is Okay for a bit, but not for life long.

Old DVDs, chargers, worn-out socks, too many footwear, faded colored pants, expired packed food, empty wine bottles, broken or damaged utensils, etc., should be the first things on your list of removals.

3. Bring back what you want.

Once you have a final selection of things that you are going to use, place them together with the type of material. For example, glass bottles, paints, and wallpapers could be anything. And to do that is Organise categorically. Now that you know what you have with you and are ready to be placed, take a few bags, bins, or baskets to set things based on category. For example, if you have crayons, geometry boxes, paints, brushes, and other things, you take a box, place all your stationery into it, and label them. Now just put them somewhere where I can figure out where to find the stuff. Similarly, for everything, pick, place and label.

4. Train yourself for discipline.

All you have to do now is pick and place at the same spot every time. Remember when last time, while you were reading the papers on the couch, you left the file on the table in your living room? That is what all about online checklist maker. Take a few seconds and place things where you have picked them from. Sometimes, be a little harsh on kids to make them adopt this habit. We would call this PICK &


This not only keeps you organized, but this is an excellent habit one can adopt. Practicing this can help you with a lot of time-saving and make the place clutter-free without organizing it often.

The Golden Rule.

Always, after dinner and before your TV time, take a tour of every corner of the house and monitor if everything is in place and in order. This practice is a must if you have kids playing all around in your house.

  • A quick 3 minutes tour daily will help you save days of reorganising your house.
  • Besides, if you take help from kids and your partner, things would be easier and, ofcourse, much better. This forces us to learn PICK & PLACE from the same spot rule naturally.

At The End.

We got you easy hacks to reorganise things in every space in your home and suggested you to set rules to keep everything organised on a daily basis. Hope the shared quick tips help you!

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