Simple Author Box Review: Crediting content creators made easy

Before we go into the review, let’s first say what author boxes are in WordPress. They are small sections where you display information about the author of the post. Depending on the owner’s wishes, these boxes can include a name, social media icons, and similar information. You can learn about the best way to appreciate the creator of the content you are using, on this website:

It is a great addition to any post, and many WP themes will allow you to include author boxes, but those are pretty simple and not so stylish, let’s say. That’s why having a tool that is specifically made for this is so cool to have.

Now, let’s get onto the review, shall we?

What is Simple Author Box?

Simple Author Box is a plugin that will allow you to create excellent customizable author boxes. It has 60,000+ active users already and a fantastic reputation of being one of a kind.

If you are not a techie with WordPress, don’t worry; it has seamless integration, meaning the setup and use is not so difficult.

It has two huge features that will make collaboration quicker than ever. Those two features are features for adding guest authors and multiple authors.

If you have a huge article that has multiple people working on it, you need to credit everyone. That’s how it goes, and this option will allow you to do just that.

The same goes for the guest authors feature; you can very easily assign articles to guest authors and give them the credit they deserve for contributing to your blog.

One other way that Simple Author Box will help you to give your authors credit is with its widgets. You can show your most popular authors in a widget and give back to the authors for helping you with the blog.

Now that we have covered all the big features, let’s focus more on the appearance of the boxes.

The plugin has more than 50 options to customize every single thing to fit your website’s overall look. You can even take control of the typography of your author box, which means you can use any font and size that you want.

But if you are not a fan of editing and spending time on that, you can always use their professionally designed templates and go on with your day.

One more thing that is crucial when choosing a plugin is the support. It is best if you have friendly and fast support like this plugin has. If you ever have a problem with a plugin, you can be sure that they will reach out as fast as possible and fix it.


In the end, every blog owner needs to have a tool that provides quality author boxes. That’s how your audience can get to know the person behind the written piece and search for more.

Especially if you want to have guest writers, you need to credit them. And with Simple Author Box crediting writers that aren’t a part of your website is simple and easy.

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