Signs That You Might Need a New Roof

Do you know the signs that it’s time to replace your roof? Most people have no idea how old their current roof is, what kind of shape it’s in, or whether it needs to be replaced. Besides a full out replacement, it’s actually pretty common for homeowners to have no clue about whether theirs needs any kind of repair work.

This is a pretty serious situation when you consider the fact that a home’s covering and foundation are the two most essential components of its structural integrity. Neglecting a necessary repair to either one can mean excessive expenses down the road. There’s an old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. When it comes to your roof, a few dollars of preventive maintenance can prevent many thousands of dollars of major repair work down the road. One of the best materials that you can have for your roof is  an ember mesh not even the tiniest of stray embers has a chance of sneaking through your guard. When it comes to protecting your home, your investment, your family – you need to be absolutely certain you’re investing in the right products for the job. Know these signs that it’s time to have a professional contractor take a look at your roof. Chances are, it’s time to replace it or get some serious repairs done.

It’s Hit the 20-Year Mark

If your roof is at or near the 20-year mark, it may be time to get a new one. Replacement is the costliest option of all and can set you back about three or four times the cost of a single repair job. Consider funding this necessary purchase by borrowing against your home’s equity, using savings, or putting some of the cost on credit cards. The goal is to get a new roof as quickly as possible so your home won’t suffer long-term damage while it’s virtually unprotected by the aging roof you currently live under.

Many homeowners find that simply reworking their monthly budget allows room for paying the costs associated with such a project. One way to free up cash relatively quickly is to refinance student loans. Not only will you have a chance at a lower interest rate and an extended repayment period, you’ll most likely have lower monthly payments. That translates into additional cash you can put toward the essential home improvement at hand.

Streaks and Moss

You need not be a professional to see obvious signs of deterioration like large black or blue streaks, or patches of moss. Discoloration, moss and even visible signs of mold on the top of your home mean big trouble. It’s time to have an expert take a look and tell you what should be done. The sooner you catch a condition like this, the better. Sometimes streaks, moss, and mold problems can be fixes without having to redo the entire house covering.

Neighbors’ are Being Repaired

In most housing divisions, homes are all around the same age and so are their roofs. If you see workers replacing shingles or doing major repairs on neighbors’ homes, that’s a sure sign that you’ll be next in line. It’s always a good idea to take a casual walk through the neighborhood and check out the state of repair, or disrepair, of other homes. Pay particular attention to structures that are similar in design and age to your own dwelling.

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