Sicily: The Island Suitable for All Tastes

There are many reasons for choosing one of many luxury villas in Sicily for rent. While you’re traveling with your family or friends, you should be very welcoming and relaxed in the location where you’re going to stay, even if for a few days. Maybe you need some tips on places where you can find beautiful beaches and rent a villa in Sicily! If it’s so, keep reading!

Take a trip to the most famous cities of Sicily

Travel to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, one of the most revered archeological sites in the world. Look at Greek temples that are best preserved, surrounded by olive groves and almond trees. You can book there a guided tour to discover all the secrets and myths of this incredible culture who lived for ages in Sicily.

Take a walk through Taormina’s paved streets, a fascinating medieval town on a mountain top overlooking the Ionian coast. Close to Siracusa you can find yourself in Fontane Bianche. Its wonderful beach has a wild and long coastline and offers fresh and crystalline waters. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a long and relaxing sunbath while you visit this amazing place. There are secluded areas on the coast, but there are also bars and nightclubs that you can access if you want to have an Aperol Spritz. If you want to combine beach and fun, Fontane Bianche is therefore a perfect area. The connections with public transport there are great. You can quickly get here by landing at Catania Airport and then take a bus or train to Fontane Bianche.

Another suggested location is Isola Bella. It can be considered an island or peninsula depending on the direction of the water flow! The beautiful landscape of Cape Taormina and Cape Sant’Andrea and the warm waters of the Mediterranean inspired famous writers such as Byron and Goethe, who considered Bella Island to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

A Little Bit of Greek in Sicily

Do not miss the Greek amphitheater, with its popular view of Mount Etna and the coast. You can stop there at one of the many restaurants where you can enjoy local delicacies.

Visit one of the ancient Greek world’s most famous and beautiful cities, Syracuse boasts breathtaking architecture, a charming old town with small streets and a large archeological park. Don’t miss to visit the ancient Temple cathedral. In Syracuse, you can also find an information point for tourists where you can get a lot of information about sightseeing spots that you should visit.

Exciting Architecture Styles in Sicily

If you want to visit beautiful Baroque architecture go to Ragusa and Noto.

Explore Palermo’s exciting architectural styles, from Arab domes to baroque towers, and appreciate the vibrant atmosphere in one of the street markets of the capital. Don’t forget to visit Monreale, which is famous for its impressive mosaics and the imposing Norman cathedral. Last but not least: Selinunte, the famous Greek archaeological site: This park is really huge, as it includes temples, ancient town walls, and the ruins of historic buildings. This location is located near the sea, so It can also be an option if you want to spend a day in the seaside.

Sicily boasts a rich culinary tradition, due to its history and geography, drawing on ancient Greek dishes with Arab influences coupled with extraordinarily fresh and authentic ingredients. The restaurants in Sicily also offer really good prices and especially in restaurants located close to the sea, you will have the possibility to enjoy an incredible panorama: Fall in love with Sicily and organize your next summer trip to this awesome Island!

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