Should You Use a Professional Stager When Selling Your Luxury Home?

Selling a luxury home is a very stressful and complicated process. Apart from hiring the right real estate agent, you will also be required to consider a fair market price. Furthermore, the house should be cleaned and fixed so that it can compete with the rest in the market. For instance, the walls must be painted, trees trimmed and the grass cut.

The most important thing you should focus on is de-personalizing the property. Instead of perceiving the house as ‎‎‘your home’, look at it from a sales perspective. You should visualize the property from the buyers’ viewpoint and not as the home where you reside.

What does a professional stager do?

Like an interior designer, a professional stager understands what luxury buyers want. So, they design and decorate the home to enhance its appearance. If you hire the right stager, he/she will apply current trends in the most effective way in accordance with the features of your home.

The professional stager will examine all your furniture from the living room to the bedrooms. Depending on the trends, the stager can decide to use some furniture and discard others. For instance, there might be a table in the living room making it appear dingy. The stager will also consider other elements such as artwork, photos, curtains and others.

In addition, a professional stager will try to declutter your home to enhance the natural features. The key is to make the home appear less cluttered and habitable. Actually, the stager should not be concerned with your needs but instead make the home appear more valuable to potential buyers. Therefore, some of your appliances or elements might disappear.

Does staging work?

Research has shown that most buyers find it easier to visualize a property that has been staged. Overall, if staging is done right, it can have a positive influence on the sale of the property. A recent study indicated that homes that are staged are sold for a higher value.

To compete with world-class new real estate projects in Dubai, such as Dubai Creek Harbour & Port De La Mer by Meraas, make sure you consult with top Dubai real estate agencies to hire a stager that makes your luxury home stand out from others.

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