Should You Prefer an AC or Air Cooler?

ACs or air coolers are the two top things that strike your mind the moment summers knock on your door. But most people stay in a dilemma, whether to rent AC in Delhi or air cooler. However, beating the summer heat in its own game doesn’t have to be so complicated. There are some tell-tale signs that indicate if an AC would be an ideal fit for you or air cooler.

So if you are confused about how to make the right choice between the two, an air conditioner and air cooler, then let’s help you make the right decision:

When Should You Prefer an AC?

  1. Insufficient Ventilation in Your Living Space

Is your room inadequately ventilated? If yes, then using an AC could complement your living space better than an air cooler. In a metro city like Delhi, residential localities are densely constructed that restricts the airflow. So if you are living in a place like this, ACs could work wonders for you in terms of improving air temperature and driving humidity out of your room.

  1. When Living in High-Rise Buildings

While living in a high-rise building in Delhi is a thing to be proud of but it literally takes a toll on your life during summers. The high-rise apartments tend to trap heat all day that triggers the temperature inside your rooms to extremes. It’s when an AC could be a savior. You would be in full control over your room temperature, plus, you could shut the windows to keep unwanted dust and heat at bay.

  1. Health Hazards Due to Humidity

The temperature in Delhi goes humid multiple times in a year. It’s another major reason for triggering allergies and health issues. But if you use an air conditioner, you could kick out health issues and allergies from your life to a great extent. Since ACs control humidity levels in your living space, you will be less prone to catching seasonal infections and health issues.

When Should You Prefer an Air Cooler?

An air cooler could be a great bet:

  1. When Your Room is Well-Ventilated

If your living space is well-ventilated, it’s good to go for air coolers. In fact, it’s the most affordable option that you must make use of. When warm temperatures give you nightmares, using air coolers is the best way to calm down the soaring temperatures in your rooms. They draw in the warm air and turn into cool air that soothes your senses.

  1. When You Have a Limited Budget

Can’t afford an AC? Then, air coolers are your thing since they come in a budget. An air cooler is a pocket-friendly option to cool the air in your room without putting an extra financial burden on your energy bills. Plus, you could rent air coolers at a fraction of the price that comes easy to you.

The Key Takeaway

Air conditioners could be a great fit for you or even coolers on rent in Delhi, it all depends on the various factors mentioned here. Now, choosing one out of these two options shouldn’t be difficult for you. It’s simple. If you live in inadequately-ventilated rooms or high-rise buildings, ACs will serve you the best. But if your rooms are well-ventilated and you want an affordable option, air coolers will be the best for you.

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