Should I use CBD or THC with a bong? Here are 3 pros and cons of each!

If you want to consume THC or CBD during your next cannabis experience you may be wondering which type is best for your needs. Do you want to feel relaxed and have a body high, or would you rather have some psychedelic effects for fun use with your friends?

Figuring out the purpose of smoking cannabis is the main reason that can help you determine why you want to smoke, how you want to smoke, and the qualities you are looking for in the results. By using a popular smoking method that is easy to use, strong, flavorful, powerful, and produces a long-lasting high, you can have a safe and user-friendly experience!

Learn more about pros and cons of using CBD or THC with a bong!

Using THC or CBD with bongs – which one should I use and why? Here are 3 pros and cons of each type!

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a popular part of the cannabis plant that is often used for recreational purposes and medicinal purposes alike. It has the effects of calming your body, calming your mind, relieving anxiety, helping depression, and helping with other chronic illnesses. When you are deciding between using CBD or THC with bongs, you need to know the benefits of using CBD.

Alleviate depression and anxiety

One of the main reasons to smoke CBD with bongs is to relieve depression and anxiety. If you have social anxiety, you can’t seem to sleep, you are nervous about school, or you are depressed with your daily life, consume CBD with bongs to help you be happy once again.

Relieve muscle pain

The second reason to use CBD when using bongs for your smoking experience is to reduce muscle aches and pains. You can recover from a workout or accident by smoking CBD.

Safe to consume

The third positive about using CBD with bongs over THC is the safety of consumption. You don’t have to worry about using too much CBD – this part of the cannabis plant has been shown that healthy individuals often consume CBD!

Psychoactive properties

The pro of using THC instead of CBD with bongs is the ability to produce psychoactive properties. You can achieve a head high that is fun for you and social use if you consume THC instead of CBD during smoking.


The second benefit of using THC instead of CBD while smoking out of bongs is the energy and clarity you can gain. You can use THC before going to work, school, or hanging out with friends, and you may not feel any different – but just have a little more energy and mental focus.

Fun social use

The third benefit of using THC with bongs is the social benefit you can gain from this smoking method. Bongs provide intense flavors, strong hits, and long-lasting highs which can be fun for you and a few friends.


When comparing using THC and CBD with bongs, both have their pros and cons. CBD reduces muscle tension, alleviates anxiety and depression, and is safe to use in large quantities. THC produces a head high, extra energy, and can be fun to use in social settings.

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