Seven Ways to Give It Back to Society as A Philanthropist

Many small grains make a firm a brick block, and unity and bond of each grain make the block stronger. The same rule applies to our society, where every individual builds up the culture, and if there is unity among us, our community gets stronger. Qualities of individuals have a substantial impact on the wellbeing of the city, and it flourishes or weakens by the characteristics of the people. We all are responsible for our acts, but the subsequent effects impact the whole society in some way or the other. Sometimes, people get inspired by an individual and start following, and it becomes a cultural norm. Therefore, it is essential to understand that our acts define our society, and their impact goes beyond us.

The purpose of nature to create man is to portray the character of love, care, and harmony. We are a mixture of numerous emotions, feelings, reactions, and behaviors. When we follow the beliefs of kindness, philanthropy may be the action that becomes our behavior. Generosity is the kind gesture of doing good for others without expecting any favor in return. Many individuals strongly believe in philanthropy, and according to the National Philanthropic Trust, the Americans only in charitable donations contributed around $428 billion in 2018.

The act of philanthropy is above the sectarian, lingual, and racial discrimination. The purpose is to provide ease to other human beings and reduce their suffering. You don’t need to have a lot of money for this purpose, just removing a hurdle from the way to protect pedestrians from getting hurt may also be a gesture of kindness.

Your single effort of kindness can inspire others to have the same attitude towards others, and the impact transforms into a sizeable philanthropic society. Philanthropy is indeed on the rise as the total charitable donations witnessed a growth of 4.1% and 5% in the next year.

In today’s world, we come across many inhuman acts done by our people, but a small act of philanthropy makes our hearts to believe that kindness still exists. An act of generosity can change society’s perspective and transform it into a world of peace and harmony. Some of the people take philanthropy very seriously and consider it a duty towards the community. To make the mission forth, many ambitious people study various courses or attain an online MSW degree to become a master in sociology.

We get a lot from our society and repaying it with kindness can change the whole nation, and it may inspire others as well. There are many ways we can give it back to the community as a philanthropist.

Donation of your time

In your free time, you may like to hang out with your friends or watch TV; but what if you utilize this free time of yours to bring a positive change in the lives of others. This act of philanthropy can surely give you eternal happiness. Spending time in volunteer works in local non-profit schools, orphanages, or nursing homes is the most effective way to utilize your free time.

A small act of kindness for your neighbor

Neighbors can be more helpful for us than any friend or relative because they live next door and can be available for our help anytime. So, an active neighborhood starts with small kind gestures like helping them to carry heavy grocery or shopping bags, moving furniture, or simply helping them in changing the flat wheel. These small acts can make your relationship with your neighbors secure and create a loving human society.

Participate in charity campaigns


Participate in charity campaignsSource

Assisting in volunteer activities, you can use your power of philanthropy and convey this message to all your surroundings. You can initiate this by yourself and indulge in a noble cause. Arranging small fundraising campaigns in your area such as running a local church fundraiser can encourage others too who have an interest in such activities, but they were unable to initiate. Your initiative can help needy people or some local organizations and bring about a real change in our society.

Helping a needy person

For doing an act of kindness, you do not need to work for big organizations or to start a fundraising campaign. Identifying a needy person and helping him in person cannot only change that single person’s life but also can change the life of his whole family. A needy child who is deprived of resources and cannot afford education; you can finance his education expenses and make him able to support his family in the future. You may also help a man to initiate a small business to make him able to earn legitimate income for his family. You must come across many people who are living in miserable conditions, but a little help can change their whole life.

Volunteer work at your local senior citizen community

You may find many old citizens who face isolation and depression. By paying regular visits and communicating with them can help them to see themselves as valuable individuals of society. Some may have medical issues, and nursing them can make a good change in their health. Life is a cycle, we see our elders growing old, and after some time, we will also be at that stage. So, thinking of this phase can make you realize their pain. Just a small conversation for a few minutes can make their whole day.

Planting a tree

Planting a treeSource

Global warming is a serious issue we are facing on our planet these days. Tree plantation is no longer for giving a greener look to our land only but to make our environment more oxygenated and healthier. Our atmosphere has given us so many blessings, and when our environment is getting unhealthy, so it is our responsibility to take care of its cleanliness. So, planting trees is a valuable gift to our beautiful land.

Promote recycling

These days everyone is talking about recycling plastics and promoting biodegradable materials. It is quite imperative to find ways to use fewer plastics and recycle them properly, which can make a powerful and massive effect on our society. It is our responsibility towards our environment to make it clean and pure.


Our whole life, we keep doing everything for ourselves but doing a little for others and our environment can surely help to make a significant change and turn this society into a philanthropic community where everyone cares for others.

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