Seven Reasons Why Electric Bikes Should Be Your Next Ride

Electric bikes are one of the hottest transportation trends to come around in quite some time. With their sleek designs, they make commuting and errands a breeze while also allowing you to go further and faster than ever before. Whether you’re already riding an electric bike or you’re looking to buy your first one, check out these seven reasons why electric bikes should be your next ride!

E-bikes are easy to learn

Thanks to their ability to take riders at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, electric bikes are incredibly easy to learn. The average bike ride takes between 15 and 20 minutes—not exactly leisurely—but electric bikes cut that time down by more than half. This means that you can comfortably get where you’re going without having to worry about how long it might take you to ride there or how much sweat you might break out along the way.

E-bikes require no special permits: Because e-bikes only go up to 20 mph (versus cars, which can go considerably faster), they don’t require special licenses or permits like other vehicles do. In other words, once you buy your e-bike from an authorized dealer/seller (which is required), all you need is a valid driver’s license before you can start riding around town. Learn more about Reasons Why Electric Bikes Should Be Your Next Ride at

E-bikes are easy to charge

Whether you’re at home or at work, it’s easy to recharge your e-bike. Simply plug it into a power source and walk away. The battery pack will automatically switch off when fully charged. Unlike some battery systems that require users to remove batteries from their bikes before charging, e-bikes allow riders to charge from any location.

E-bikes are Great For Hilly Cities

An electric bike is a great way to transport your body up and down hills if you live in a hilly region. Unlike normal bikes, they do not rely on human strength to propel you, which makes them ideal for getting around areas with difficult terrain like San Francisco.

Plus, they’re great exercise! The motor in your e-bike will give you a good workout while you’re commuting to work. And if it’s an option, choose one that comes equipped with a suspension seat or shock absorbers – you’ll be even more comfortable! If you’re worried about how long it takes to charge an electric bike, don’t be.

E-bikes are Cost-Effective

Running costs on an electric bike is much lower than those of a car. In most cases, you’ll only be paying for electricity, whereas a car will also require you to pay for fuel, insurance and general wear and tear.

If you were using your car to commute five days a week then it would cost around $30 in petrol each week; that’s nearly $1500 in savings per year if you switched to an electric bike. That adds up! You’re also likely to save considerably on servicing – e-bikes have far fewer moving parts and you won’t need to take yours into a shop every few weeks for repairs.

E-bikes are Fun To Use

Riding an electric bike is a whole lot of fun! Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re cruising through town on a high-performance machine? There’s just something about riding an electric bike that gets people hooked. In fact, many riders choose electric bikes over their gas-powered counterparts because of how much fun they are to ride.

Some people even start cycling for fun when they get an electric bike! If you’ve been thinking about getting an electric bike, now might be the perfect time to go out and do it. No matter what kind of experience you have with biking—from pro to novice—there are plenty of benefits in store if you make your next purchase of an e-bike.

E-bikes Can Get You Fitter

You might not realize it, but getting to and from work burns quite a few calories. Having a bike can mean you’re burning these calories every day instead of just during your workout routine. Not only that, but some electric bikes actually let you pedal as much as you want; when electricity kicks in, it eases some of your workloads so that pedalling doesn’t get tiring. That means you’ll be able to go further and faster for longer!

E-bikes Doesn’t Require A License

The California DMV does not require a license to operate an electric bike (e-bike) in California. However, you do need to abide by certain rules and regulations, including wearing a helmet if you’re under 18 or operating one on public land. Before buying an e-bike, check with your local department of motor vehicles for more information about what is required for operation. In some cases when purchasing an e-bike may be prohibited altogether.

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