Seven Benefits of Promotional Canvas Tote Bags

Promotional custom canvas tote bags are so beneficial because, unlike other custom reusable bags, they have multipurpose uses. Other custom reusable bags can only be used for their original purpose or it will damage the material due to overuse. For custom tote bags with zippers, this is not the case. Here are seven benefits of a custom tote bag with a zipper:

Benefits of Promotional Custom Tote Bags

1. Environmentally Friendly

In addition to being environmentally friendly, canvas custom totes also provide a large surface area that can be customized with your brand logo or artwork, making them a perfect promotional item for businesses and organizations. And if you’re looking for another eco-friendly and versatile promotiona custom tote bags, consider the 4inbandana (An online store) which deals in these custom tote bags which are made from 100% microfiber, which is a highly durable and sustainable material that can be used in a variety of ways. that can help promote your brand while also helping to reduce waste.

Branded custom tote bags are great for businesses that want to implement a sustainable business practice or want their employees and customers to be more environmentally conscious.

2. Versatile in Use

Custom reusable totes can carry anything from books and laptops in an educational setting, groceries and heavy items when going to the mall, and clothes and accessories when traveling which makes it versatile in use. Unlike custom grocery bags made of recycled paper or custom shopping bags made of cotton, custom totes with zippers can also be used as promotional marketing tools because they have branding space on both sides of the bag. This allows you to advertise your logo, contact information, services offered, marketing campaigns conducted on both sides of the custom tote which gives you maximum exposure compared to custom reusable shopping bags which are only printed on one side.

3. Added Storage Capacity

The custom tote bag with zipper can also serve as an added storage capacity for people who are always on the go. Since custom tote bags have dual branding space, it is easier to attach custom promotional key chains, custom carabiners, custom water bottles or custom umbrellas that come inconvenient when you need them most. By being able to attach your brand’s giveaways onto the custom canvas totes, it gives you more exposure especially if you’re trying to give out free items. It will not be easily lost because of its distinct large imprint area and it will make sure your giveaway stays with your customer until they are fully utilized.

4. Economical

Printing custom tote bags with your logo and contact information is an economical decision because custom totes are normally purchased in bulk. This allows you buy custom reusable shopping bags for a much cheaper rate compared to custom reusable grocery bags and custom promotional totes that only comes in small packs which means you can gain more exposure while spending less at the same time.

5. Environmentally Friendly Printing Process

The environment-friendly printing process for custom canvas totes makes it safer compared other custom reusable shopping bag materials like custom shopping bags made from recycled paper or organic cotton. They do not use harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, ethyl benzene, phenol, ethylene oxide during the production stage so it is safe for the environment and your custom reusable totes will last for a long time without being affected by any hazardous materials.

6. Promotional Tote Bags Are Lightweight

If you’re looking to give away custom reusable shopping bags, custom canvas totes with zippers are the best option because they are lightweight, strong and durable which makes it easier to transport from one place to another without straining the hands of those who have to carry it. Since custom totes have dual branding space on both sides, this also allows you to use custom printing techniques such as pad printing or screen printing that would be impossible with other custom reusable bag types. This gives added strength compared to custom grocery bags made of recycled paper and custom shopping bags made from organic cotton which would be a hassle to print because of its material.

7. Machine Washable

Custom shopping bags that are made from organic cotton and custom tote bags with zipper can be machine washed without worrying about the fastness of the color or logo design since they are not going to fade easily. However, custom reusable grocery bags made out of recycled paper can be subject to fading if you do not hand-wash it with cold water every time you use it. With proper care for your custom totes, your custom promotional totes will serve you for a long time compared to other custom reusable bag types.


Custom shopping bags are a must-have giveaway if you’re looking to increase brand awareness and save more money than custom reusable grocery bags made of recycled paper and custom shopping bags made out of organic cotton.

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