Security+ [SY0-501] Certification Training Course Overview

To understand the basics of certifications like CompTIA Security+ certification in Oslo Training, Network+, and CompTIA+, one needs to have a very sound knowledge of IT and business frameworks and their basics. There are several resources that can be accessed both online and offline; we are going to discuss what will be the basic contents in those resources—starting off with Network Architecture Model as all these certifications are based on Networking and its management, functioning, operations, etc. 

Network Architecture Model

Network Architecture is important because when we try to create technology support for our business, we want to make sure that that technology support actually meets the business needs and is able to grow and adapt as the business changes. So to start off, let’s look at a basic Network Architecture Model, and this Network Architecture Model actually looks at how we can start with our business strategy and then end up with an architecture that explicitly supports that business strategy. So the very beginning, at the highest level from a business standpoint, we have to look at our Business Model. So when we talk about Business Model, what we are really talking about is. How does your business create value for customers, or to put it in even simpler terms, how do we actually make money? What kind of services are we providing your customers, and by providing those services or by providing those products, how do we get our customers to actually enable us to make some money? By creating value for the customers, how do we get the customers to support our business? So when you think about a Business Model, associated with the Business Model is a Process Architecture. So the Process Architecture essentially talks about our business processes of how they are structured and how they are structured from the perspective of creating value from our customer. In addition to that, we have our Organization Architecture always our organization itself is structured. If you are a product company, you may have Product Architecture.

Understanding Business Capabilities 

So when you look at creating business value for our customers, in order to create that business value, we need Business Capabilities. So when we talk about Business Capabilities, that is, how are we going to define or design our key business operations? How are we going to set up manufacturing? How are we going to set up sales? How are we going to set up R & D so that it gives us a certain set of capabilities that would allow us to actually support the business model in creating value for the customer? So when you look at what goes into business capabilities, it could be a domain or a capability model, as in how are we going to do manufacturing? It could be a business enterprise, object model looking at all of the business objects or the entities that we have in our enterprise; it could be more of a human resources model where we’re looking at our workplace and how do they structure that. So in order to support Business Capabilities, we are going to build out an IT Application Landscape. So we have IT Applications, and when we put them all together, that’s where we call an IT Application Landscape. So this would be all the different applications that we have running within our enterprise in order to support those Business Capabilities.

Other Platforms

In order to ensure that all of these applications work well together, we also need an Application Architecture. So the Application Architecture gives us a structured way of building applications in such a way that these applications all work well together, but that’s easier said than done. In order to make our variety of applications from different vendors work well together, we have to have an IT Integration Platform. So an IT Integration Platform basically brings together all of these applications that we have in our IT landscape and gets them to work well together.

Understanding the core methodologies and terminologies of the above-mentioned resources and contents will help you to ace your certification exams, and it will also help you forever in your professional career. These resources are very important and should not be neglected. 

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