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In our lives, we will encounter many memories. While some of them are bad, others are also worth remembering. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people love taking pictures. Photographs capture the moment and bring you back that emotion you have felt at that time.

Photography has been around since 1822 when the world’s first photographic etching was captured by Joseph Nicephor Niepce by using a camera obscura. Fast forward to this day, pictures are not only taken from cameras. One can easily take pictures from their smartphones and computers. But one invention that took photography to another level is the photo booth. Before looking for ‘photo booth rental near me’ for your event, here’s what you need to know about this invention.

What Is a Photo Booth?

A photo booth is a kiosk or machine that contains a camera and film processor. Cameras usually are coin-operated but most photo booths these days are digital. Traditional photo booths come with a seat wherein one to two individuals can sit while being photographed. The photo booth is then covered by a curtain for privacy purposes. There will be a signal, such as a light or a buzzer, to prepare patrons for their pose before their picture is taken. After the last session, the film will then be developed and printed after several minutes.

If you type in ‘self-service photo booth near me’, you may still see traditional photo booths in your area. However, instead of film cameras, photo booths are now modernized using video or digital cameras which are usually computer-controlled. In events, we will see that photo booths are not constricted in a kiosk anymore. Rather, photo booths can now be set up in an open space typically with a backdrop. From one to two individuals, groups can now pose in photo booths. Of course, this still depends on the established space. Photo booth companies also bring props that people can use while they pose for the camera.

With today’s technology, pictures taken from photo booths can be printed in as fast as 30 seconds. Furthermore, photo booths today are not only limited to printing an actual photograph. Some companies produce postcards, stickers, or even magnets straight out of a photo booth. That is why looking for ‘photo booth rental near me’ online has been a norm when planning for an event.

How Much Is a Photo Booth Rental?

Setting aside funds is an important part of event planning. And if you want to add a photo booth to your party, you need to prepare a budget for it. Photo booth rental prices vary on different factors. The main considerations in rental costs include:

Photo Booth Type

There are three main types of photo booths: enclosed photo booth, open-air photo booth with a backdrop, and a photo booth with just a camera with no backdrop. Compared to an enclosed photo booth, open-air photo booths are more cost-effective since they require fewer components to set up. The setup of an open-air photo booth is just as simple as having a camera on a tripod and a white backdrop. Some even use curtains or a green screen as a backdrop, like in a closed photo booth.

Traditional enclosed photo booths use an automated camera. This can also be the case for open-air photo booths but some companies have an actual photographer taking pictures of guests. While open-air photo booths are considered affordable, rates could still go up depending on the cameras and screens or backdrops used.

Photo Booth Packages

Companies offer photo booth packages to accommodate the different budgets of clients. Package rates are fixed with a minimum number of hours. Prices may start from $125 to $200 per hour with a minimum of two to three hours of usage. The costs increase as you add more rental hours and other special features. Add-ons can include personalized backdrops, a box full of props, and more.

Some companies offer free usage of props and unlimited photo printing but may have additional charges for other supplies and services. Other companies may offer lower rates but may charge you extra for prop usage and photo printing. When looking for reliable photo booth rental NJ suppliers, you must understand what their packages include so that there will be no surprises halfway through your event.

Days of the Week

Photo booth rental rates can go up during the weekends. In fact, Saturdays are considered prime times when it comes to renting photo booths. Companies often charge a reduced rate on weekdays. So, if you want to save budget, you may want to move your event to a weekday instead.

Additional Hours

As mentioned, photo booth package rates come with a set number of hours. But clients can always ask for an additional hour of usage at a certain price. The average cost for an additional rental hour can range between $100 and $150 or more per hour. When checking out photo booth rental South Jersey companies, ask them if the time for setup and breakdown is included in the base price. Setup and takedown usually take about 15 to 20 minutes. This will give you an idea of how many hours you will need to add on top of your desired package.

What You Should Look for in a Photo Booth Rental Company

In your search for ‘photo booth rental near me’, read the reviews about the company. Knowing the experiences of previous clients will give you an idea if the said company is worth hiring. Check if the company has pertinent business licenses and liability insurance that will protect you and your guests in case an accident happens. Don’t be fooled by companies offering package rates that are too low or too good to be true. The best photo booth companies offer quality services at the most competitive rates. Most importantly, there should be a contract between you and the company indicating the rental rates, hours, add-ons, and all other agreements. Contracts display legitimacy and serve as a foundation for a good consumer-brand relationship.


Parties or get-togethers are now incomplete without a photo booth. Not only does it entertain guests but also the printed photos serve as memorabilia for everyone. If you plan to add one to your event, make sure to set aside enough funds so you can get one that produces the best photo souvenirs available.

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