Sculpting the Perfect Curves

Body curvature is one of the most visible aspects of our appearance. Wrinkles and smoothness may not be as easy to see if hidden under layers of make-up, but curvature is very difficult to fake. And not to mention the fact that our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, each and every one of them attractive in their own distinct way. It would be very hard to find someone who’s built similarly to yourself.

It’s great to feel confident in your naturally structured body and to be proud of yourself, regardless how you look. But, not everyone has this level of confidence. It would be great if we could all find the self-esteem to be happy with the way we look, but reality just doesn’t work that way.

However, thanks to modern medical technology, there are ways around these problems and with treatments like Coolsculpting and Sculptra, achieving your desired body curvature is possible. With the power of Coolsculpting fat reduction and Sculptra butt lift, countless people across the world have been seeing some amazing results.

The Hard-to-Treat Areas

 Exercising and dieting will most certainly help you lose weight, unless some other health related complications are involved. But toning is a different kind of problem and can’t be as easily achieved as weight loss. And when you think about how hard losing weight is, imagine the amount of time and effort you have to put in toning your body to get into the shape that you’re looking for.

Not to mention the fact that certain areas of the body are just way too hard to treat. These can be found all across the body and vary in size and shape, which is why many individuals choose to take a shortcut and treat these with the power of modern medicine and technology.

Some of the hardest areas to treat include places like under the chin, love handles, the inner thigh and so on. Mostly because these are areas where the muscles don’t see as much exercise and the burn that comes with training. As a result, you may reduce fat in other areas of the body, but these might remain.

Coolsculpting lets you sculpt out these areas, by strategically using specialized equipment, to freeze the fat cells and force them to destroy themselves, as opposed to cutting them out or burning them away. The Coolsculpting equipment works on a variety of areas of the body, able to tone any kind of fat buildup and leave behind a beautifully sculpted and toned surface.

Many clients report that within months, their bodies reach the results they were looking for and with the added bonus of not having to deal with side effects or post-procedural maintenance. Because of the way Coolsculpting relies on your body’s natural abilities to destroy deactivated fat cells, which is accomplished by them coming into contact with the cold temperatures. The body disposes of these excess fat cells and tones the area as naturally as you would with exercise.

And considering that there are no cuts, stitches or injections involved, there is no fear of scars, recovering from all kinds of incisions or allergic reactions from compounds your body may not accept. This makes Coolsculpting one of the safest forms of body sculpting and fat reduction procedures on the market.

 Slightly Bigger Changes

 While Coolsculpting is capable of getting rid of extra surface area which comes in the form of fat cells, Sculptra is able to create extra thickness in desired locations, most famously used to add more curvature to the buttocks.

It’s become a recent trend to have curvature around the hips and buttocks, making the shape of the body more appealing. This is a good kind of curvature that’s also considered to be a sign of fitness and proper body care.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to train and tone their buttocks to see the curvature. Their bodies may be simply built differently and just won’t allow for this to happen. The Sculptra injection handles exactly these kinds of things, as it thickens the skin just enough to create a beautiful curvature.

Thanks to the injection’s modern iteration of the compound, this curvature doesn’t come with the disadvantage of looking fake, as most clients report natural looking curves, which are indiscernible from naturally toned ones.

While Sculptra may not be as versatile as Coolsculpting, it does come with its own set of advantages. First of all, Sculptra lasts a very long time, generally from two to five years, which is absurdly long, considering how some treatments tend to lose their effects within a couple months. This means that you’ll be spending a lot less time in the clinic and a lot more time in front of the mirror, admiring your beautiful curves.

The Sculptra butt injections are also a very painless procedure, as they involve a set  of injections, which thanks to numbing cream, makes the procedure absolutely painless. In fact most clients report that they barely feel a thing and the procedure feels like absolutely nothing.

And with this minimally invasive procedure also comes with the advantage of not having to wait a long time to recover. Because it only consists of several injections, Sculptra doesn’t ask you to go through complicated maintenance to recover from the treatment. The clinic specialists will simply ask you to avoid any kind of exercise or excess muscle strain to give the area of skin enough time to recover.

All in all, much like the Coolsculpting fat reduction treatment, the Sculptra lifts are also a great way to sculpt your body and get the kind of curves you’ve always wanted, but never had the time to exercise or diet for. They are not just an efficient shortcut, but are also a safe and quick alternative to an otherwise difficult process. If you’ve been looking to see these kinds of results in the mirror, then these are the two procedures you should be looking out for.


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