Scratch Off Travel Map: The Fun Way to Plan Trips

Planning trips doesn’t have to be all about online travel sites. Sometimes it’s fun to just look at a map, pick a destination, and go. Every scratch map is designed to spark your imagination in just such a way and inspire you to travel more. Stop overthinking things and start planning trips the fun way, with a scratch off travel map.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a scratch map, they’ve been around for a few years now but they’re just starting to really gain popularity. We’ll lay it all out for you. Basically, a scratch off map is a high quality map with an outer layer of foil that you scratch away every time you visit a new place.

Get your scratch map framed and hang it on your wall just like you would a piece of art. When you discover a new place you’d like to visit, stick a push pin in your scratch off map to mark it. Learn more about Fun Way to Plan Trips at

If you do an online search at the website, you’ll find a scratch off travel map for every kind of traveler. Whether you prefer to go it solo, as a couple, a family vacation, or with a group of friends, there is a scratch off map that’s right for you. Keep in mind that every scratch map Newverest sells is handcrafted by local artists before being printed on high quality poster paper. Whichever scratch map you get from Newverest, you’ll see and feel the quality when it arrives.

Using a scratch map to plan your travels is just a fun way of doing things. It adds a bit of spontaneity to things while still leaving you time to plan things out. Give your kids to the count of five to point to a place they’d like to visit, then mark it on your scratch off map and start planning how to get there and when you’ll go. It’s more interactive than just scrolling across a travel website, which is why kids really take to the idea of a scratch off travel map. has both World and USA maps to choose from, and several editions of each. Just take a look at their website and pick the one that’s right for you. Want your scratch map framed? No problem there either. Newverest sells scratch map frames that fit any of their scratch off map editions. Get the frames in bright oak or rich black, and hang your map in any room in your home. A scratch off travel map also works great in your office, giving you some much-needed inspiration throughout your workday.

Whichever scratch off travel map you decide to go with, just enjoy having fun with it when it arrives. Remember, the point of a scratch map is to spark your imagination and inspire you to adventure. So let your scratch off map do its job. Plan your next trip and get on the road to adventure today.

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