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These days everyone is on the go, working hard to make ends meet and even harder to get ahead. Looking good is an understood and important part of every professional’s day. Following are several tips to help you save time and money on your professional wardrobe while still looking good.

Repurposing Old Clothing for New Looks

Get to know your local tailor. These old-time miracle workers can transform a garment that may be eight sizes too large for you into a perfect, form-fitting piece of attire. Additionally, as your size fluctuates up or down over time, your tailor can make sure that your clothes always hang just so. My wife once found a beautiful three-piece gold men’s suit for me at the local thrift store. The jacket fit perfectly and the length was just right. The only problem was that the waist of the suit was about 20 inches too large. A quick trip to the tailor and that suit fit like it was made for me.

Thrift Store Shopping

If you don’t already know, you might be amazed at how often high-quality, hardly worn, designer clothing makes its way into thrift stores. The store staff at higher-end thrift stores will save you a lot of time by pre-sorting their items and rejecting anything shabby or unfashionable.

On the other hand, while you will likely have to spend much more time sifting and sorting, you can unearth terrific scores at the more “bargain basement” type of second-hand store. Think high-quality business suits for under $20, and they practically give away brand-name ties.

Shopping Online

Online shopping has proven itself to be the modern day game-changer. Anything you can think of is available with the click of a few buttons. This convenience also extends itself into the world of clothing shopping. Online clothing shopping affords the savvy clothing buyer with an unlimited amount of styles and colors. Additionally, because of the lower overhead costs when compared to physical retailers, online clothing stores can provide the same quality garments at less expense. Make sure your online clothing store has a solid return policy, as a photo online cannot always accurately represent the garment once in hand.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an online clothing store that offers a number of features to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that come with shopping for professional attire on the internet. The Stitch Fix Instagram and Facebook pages regularly highlight contemporary styles and fashions to give you ideas on how to customize your wardrobe.

With a massive catalog of clothes and sizes to fit anyone, Stitch Fix is a comprehensive clothing website. Their Style Shuffle app cycles through various fashion combinations, and once you’ve struck upon something you can’t live without, purchasing online is simple. Their return policy is generous, too. Stitch Fix also employs stylists who can help you tailor the perfect look for business or pleasure.

We all know looking good is important. It makes you feel better, and it makes other people feel better about you. Looking good doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and by incorporating online clothing shopping into your arsenal, it doesn’t have to consume what’s left of your free time.

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