Safest Motorcycle Helmets in 2020

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun. However, without the right safety gear, it can be very unsafe. Your helmet, jacket and other protective items are all that separate you from potentially serious injury in a crash. Finding safe motorcycle helmets on sale should be your top priority when shopping. The following guide will help you find the safest motorcycle helmets in 2020.

A Guide to Buying Motorcycle Helmets Online

There are a few things to consider when buying a helmet. The first is its safety ratings. These are provided by three organizations the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Economic Commission for Europe and the Snell Foundation.

DOT ratings are relatively easy to get and should be considered the minimum for any motorcycle helmets. ECE ratings are significantly harder to get and represent a higher level of safety. Snell ratings are the hardest to achieve but are voluntary in all settings other than racing.

It is worth noting that manufacturers have some choice of which ratings they pursue. So, Snell M2010 certified dirt bike helmets are not necessarily safer than DOT-rated ones because the latter may never have been submitted for Snell testing. However, you can at least know that the former group was submitted and passed.

The second element to consider is the fit. Take a photo of the top of your head and observe the shape. Is it as wide as it is long (round oval), much longer than it is wide (long oval) or in between (intermediate oval)? Also, measure the circumference at the widest point.

A safe helmet should be a well-rated one that fits comfortably and securely. If you can satisfy those two requirements, you will be much safer than you otherwise would be.

How To Decide Between Shoei and Arai Helmets

You may have heard that Shoei and Arai make some of the safest helmets. For example, the Shoei X-Fourteen and the Arai Defiant-X are popular and safe options.

Deciding between Shoei vs. Arai helmets is difficult. However, the good news is that you almost can’t go wrong because both are excellent.

Shoei has slightly more advanced safety features including a new energy distribution system. Conversely, Arai has more optional in terms of head shape to get the perfect fit. The best way to decide between these two options is to simply find the helmet that you like most. If it is a good fit and matches your style, it is the right helmet for you.

In other words, if it is from a brand known for safety, you won’t need to worry about which brand it is. Instead, find one that fits and looks good. You’ll be wearing the safest helmet for you.

Order Your Helmet Today

Getting a great helmet is essential to keeping yourself safe when riding. Get started searching today. Remember to buy well-rated helmets from reputable brands. Additionally, always check to make sure that fit is appropriate for your head shape and size. This is one item that is worth spending more money on. Buying a budget helmet won’t seem like a good idea if you get in a crash.

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