Running Head Torch

Running in the dark is daring and sometimes it is much needed if you are practicing for a marathon or simple training to burn your calories you always needed a torch which must be easy to handle and powerful enough to light the surrounding increasing the visibility of the track to avoid the occurrence of any unexpected incident. The torch must also be light in weight and easy to carry with the feature of recharging in case it runs out of battery and the battery must-have feature of fast charging with large capacity and long-lasting.

Features of running head torch

Number of Lumens

The number of lumens is the capacity of the torch to shine more and it is directly proportional to the brightness of the flashlights the torch must have enough lumens to fall in the category of the bright headlight.

Rechargeable power source

The head torch must be rechargeable to avoid further spending to keep the brightness alive. The best rechargeable head torch gives you the advantage that you don’t need to buy another battery in case one ends, you only need to charge it with a power source.

Focus target head torch

To avoid scattering of the light rays it must have the feature of focusing the target properly mainly it is used by fishers called the fisher head torch, to attract fishes in the water which get attracted to the light and helps capture more fishes.

Olight Perun 2 Head Torch

It is the head torch manufactured and delivered by the olightstore from UK and the link to it is The best feature with which it came is 2,000 lumens output and 120 meters throw LEDs which is much brighter than you expect compare it with its size specially design for easy carry it has Multi-functional application: with handheld torch and headlamp, you can use in both ways according to your requirement and gets automatically switch to the lowest level when it sensed obstructions approaching and also supports fast charging as its cable holds 1.5A current, 50% faster than H2R.

Why you must have it?

Being a running of the dark, you must have a torch with the characteristics discuss above to have training without any obstruction and you can get it by sitting in your home with the link of olightstore given above. It is manufactured in the UK and known for the quality stuff since long and mostly it remains short in the store and if you find one then you are lucky.

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