Role of Technology in Live Event Culture

Want to experience a gush of emotions like excitement, happiness, craziness, and a lot more at once? Then a live event is a place to be. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and has exciting events planned now and then for the masses to enjoy! If you are a big fan of a particular celebrity, then you must look out for events in Los Angeles.

With the vast scope of live event culture, many live event production companies in Los Angeles are opening up. It is indeed a great business there. But this makes it equally challenging for those looking for an event management company to find the best fit.

An event requires managing many intricacies, which is mostly supported by technology to make the production process accurate, easier and faster. But the question is if it’s a challenge for the growing culture itself. Let’s find out!

Utilization of technology in the production of Live events:

Event planners are already using the technology; however, such techniques have not been adopted across the board. And as per a survey, the stats show that 42 per cent think that technology in event production is a pain point. About 239 event production organizers engaged in a worldwide survey of the top pain points they have when they try to incorporate technology in an event. The primary post-event challenge surveyed by the respondents is event measurement.

Some of the top challenges faced by the event organizer are:

One of the survey’s highlighting areas was that 65% of survey participants said they are evaluating event return on investment (ROI). Nevertheless, it is crucial to use the data collected at the event in a more meaningful way. The most significant way to go about it is with the usage of technology to get precise and quick results.

To make strategic decisions for your next production, the aim is to control sales and expenditures so that loss percentage can be controlled. It covers trade booths and sold sponsorships as well as the costs of getting extra technological supplies. Digital and on-site polling methods can measure the satisfaction of exhibitors, promoters, and attendees, which can be a significant indicator of their chances of returning to their next event.

It was hard for 60 percent of respondents to select the best prospective attendees online, but with the introduction of technology, it can be done efficiently and effectively.

The solution to this problem is to develop your ideal attendee profile. Once you have established, you can launch email campaigns, run social media, and advertise the event. Not sure how? You can get in touch with the professionals; approach any of the Live event production companies in Los Angeles to target the right audience and to increase the chances of your next sold-out show.

50% identified the problem with the registration of the attendees.

Nevertheless, there are many electronic management schemes, irrespective of which method you want to provide for an on-site registration for check-in and walk-in. The key is to make it self-serving and convenient for the attendant to navigate. Take ample time to check and choose the right system for your event to have for on-site advisors, or you can get professional help from any event production companies in Los Angeles to work things out.

48% said that it is essential to track the satisfaction of the attendees.

In today’s age of social media, it is essential to promote your event digitally and make your attendees express their interest in your event through their social media. During and after the event, it is essential to take note of the interest of the attendees. Make it a priority and work on it.

44% cited that communication is one of the challenges with event attendees.

Tell the attendees to use the event hashtags on the networking sites as it can help them resolve their questions and engage more prospective attendees.

43% said that it was a challenge to handle logistics, such as room set-up and AV requirements.

Room configuration can now be done via an app, and most hotels and conference centre staff have a tablet-loaded device with them. Because room logistics will change like the wind as speaker preferences are announced, attendant numbers go up or down, or the venue needs to move the event, you must have access to an electronic, real-time resource to monitor changes. However, a good distributor of the AV events would ensure that you have the right technology in place to make your event rock and roll.

In general, 42% consider technology a pain point.

To monitor and share good profit among suppliers, speakers, and expectations of the attendant, it is imperative to use technology. The demands of technology are no way going down; instead, they will go up every year. If you are unfamiliar with technology but want to keep up with the industry trends, now is the time to collaborate with Live event production companies in Los Angeles to help steer you in the right direction.

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