Restorative Oral Treatments That Will Have Your Smile Back in No Time

Oral health has the potential to affect not only your general health but also your self-esteem and your relationships with others. It remains a key factor in maintaining productivity both at work and at home. It is common to find that most people who struggle with poor oral hygiene constantly struggle with oral illnesses. However, if you are looking to change your situation around and make the best out of your oral health, it is essential to visit qualified dental specialists, especially ones at Scott Young, DDS. They work hard to provide people from The Woodlands dental crowns, dental fillings, teeth whitening, oral surgery, gingivitis treatment, and other dental procedures aimed at giving you back control of your dental health. Below is a broader overview of some of these exceptional services offered by the institution.

  • Gingivitis Treatment

When bacteria and plaque build on your teeth for a while, they cause inflammation to your gums. This condition is known as gingivitis and affects up to 75% of Americans on average at least once in their lives. The condition then results in bad breath, causing people around you to avoid getting close to you. Your teeth will also become sensitive, your teeth will get loose and ache a lot, and you will experience bleeding when you floss or brush your teeth. This condition is caused by plaque buildup and poor diet, genetic history of the condition, hormones, specific mediations, poorly fitted dental restorations, stress, and chewing or smoking tobacco. At the early stages of the condition, treatments are easily applied, and reversion to normalcy can be guaranteed. Treatment of the disorder can include lifestyle changes like oral hygiene and diet, professional tooth cleaning, medication, and antiseptic mouthwash.

  • Oral Surgery

In-office oral surgery is a procedure done to handle special teeth conditions that cannot be handled through general medication. Such conditions include fractured teeth, root canals, temporomandibular joint disorders, other jaw problems, dental implants, decayed teeth, and impacted wisdom teeth. Depending on the procedure you will be undergoing, specialists at Scott Young, DDS, will administer general or local anesthesia. Since the conditions treated through oral surgery are different, the healing time differs. However, bleeding and swelling may last up to 24 hours after your procedure, and you can get back to your schedule approximately 48 hours after your procedure. You will be required to follow certain guidelines from your specialist to ensure that the treatment is effective. For instance, you are not supposed to undertake any strenuous activity for a specific time duration like 24 hours to allow for healing. You will also be required to follow a guided diet plan.

Whenever you experience a certain oral health condition, it is wise to visit a dental specialist immediately to avoid complications that might cost you your teeth and higher monetary costs that you would have avoided if you treated them early. However, Scott Young, DDS is well-equipped with the proper technology and highly trained specialists to handle any oral condition that you will experience. Contact them to book an appointment or visit their institution today.

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