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Childhood is a building block of our life. The way of bringing up can make or break a child’s future. And among all, we must recognize how important a proper education is!

What is an elementary school?

As the name says, elementary school is the first step into the vast world of formal education. A child learns the first and most vital lesions from their mother and parents, only followed by elementary school classes.

Most researchers say the maximum and rapid development of the human brain gets done within five years of age. So it’s this tender age that matters in first intellectual training, proving the phrase- “childhood shows life, as morning shows the day” entirely correct.

Providing your kids with the best elementary education will take a lot of work. There are various factors associated with choosing a reputed school, attending classes regularly, providing supplementary material and associated home-based learning going alongside, and more.

For little children, it might get overwhelming from time to time. This is why you need to assist your youngster in their learning journey with the right resources and emotional support.

Best resources that will help your kid ace the elementary school

1. Online tutor:

Online Tutor for Elementary Students is an underestimated gem, the first and foremost in this list. We believe in this general notion that who needs tuition at this early age? But that’s not reasonable. Your child can do better with a passionate personal tutor than their peers.

A recent study shows that students who face reading difficulties in class three are more likely not to graduate school, later drop out of college, or meet some serious reading difficulties in adult life. All these sums up why you should be more careful about the comprehension and learning of your child from an early age. Unfortunately, and especially after this COVID-19 pandemic deliberately hampering school education and offline teaching, most kids solely depend on Online Elementary Tutoring because self-study isn’t always an option. There are loads of online classes nowadays, and most offer free demo sessions before you sign-up best online math courses remember to try a few and then pay for the most effective one.

Some added benefits to avail yourself with your Online Tutor for Elementary Students:

  • A healthy environment to study
  • Structured, disciplined learning
  • Low stress
  • Clear goals, accountability, and responsibility
  • Personal care and nourishment

2. Magazine subscriptions:

Get your kid some excellent magazine subscriptions and help them to know a whole load of exciting things about science, math, history, literature, sports, and of course, puzzles. Believe it; young folks love these colorful things that don’t appear in school exams.

National Geographic Kids, Discovery Kids, PBS, Sesame Street, Tinker Garden, Funbrain, etc., are our top suggestions because these aren’t just recreational and boost in-school learning.

3. Yoga classes:

A healthy body is a vessel for an intelligent mind. Apart from formal studies, staying healthy is essential. And healthy habits should be instilled from an early age to build better adulthood, especially in this age of chronic diseases, lifestyle disorders, and the growing pandemic.

Yoga classes are trendy and highly effective. Book a demo class for your kids and subscribe if they like it.

4. Swimming and Sports:

This can be an alternative or complementary to the Yoga class. For example, swimming is a fantastic whole-body exercise that will keep children fit and lean and certainly help them fight diseases. Sports camps like Cricket, football, martial arts, tennis, badminton, etc., can be great alternatives.

5. Art and craft classes:

After the body, there comes the mind, and the reason should be creative, innovative, and plastic. Art and craft classes are usually go-to resources for small children as these things boost creativity from an early age. Also, it is found that planning and building crafts, learning to use colors, and drawing shapes or figures actually activate the left side of the brain, which aids in developing critical thinking and Problem solution.

6. Abacus:

This century-old primitive counting apparatus has passed the test of time and is still getting popular worldwide. A frame fitted with a few rods and lots of beads stacked onto them – this simple setup can help your kid learn elementary math like nothing else. And kids love Abacus because it looks like a toy and engages all their senses.

These resources will help your kid to shine at the elementary level and to stand out from the ordinary.

We’re sure with great parenting, your kids will grow up and become fine adults.

All the best!

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