Renting a Car in Toronto in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you are thinking of renting a vehicle in Toronto for official purposes or enjoying a long ride with your family, it pays to know the right process. From knowing your eligibility to insurance requirements, we have discussed the necessary aspects in this article.

Regardless of whether you own a vehicle or are renting a car in Toronto, it’s imperative to get adequate car insurance coverage. By consulting the reputed insurance brokers at Surex, you can learn how to find the most competitive car insurance quote for practically any vehicle.

When you explore the beautiful cityscapes in Canada, renting a car would be a great option. To ensure you carry the right documents, read this article and find out what you should do.

Renting a car in Toronto requirements — What requirements should renters be aware of?

Toronto has got several reputed car rental companies where you can find efficient vehicles across several models and makes. Have a look at the requirements for renting a car in Toronto in this section.

1. Get a valid driver’s license

First, you need to carry a G’ class driving license to rent a car in Ontario. Make sure that that license remains valid throughout the period when you rent it. Even if you have a license issued in any other country, you should be able to use it to rent a car in Canada. The license needs to be issued in:

  • Any territory or province in Canada
  • Any territory or state in the US
  • Any country that has signed the 1943 Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automobile Traffic or the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic

Additionally, the renter and the driver must sign an agreement that the license is not currently revoked, cancelled, suspended, surrendered, or expired. The car rental company may accept a temporary license only if there is no restriction or if it remains valid throughout the rental period. In case you have a G1 or G2 license (learner’s permit), the rental company might refuse to lend the car.

2. Fulfill the minimum age requirements

Before renting a car Toronto drivers need to prove that they are above a certain age. In Ontario, most car rental companies rent their vehicles to drivers over 23. However, this window is variable, as you might come across rental companies willing to lease vehicles to people as young as 20.

In case you are below 25 years of age, you need to shell out an additional surcharge. Besides, young drivers might not be able to rent expensive vehicles like SUVs, minivans, or luxury cars. These restrictions largely depend on the policies of the rental company.

3. Maintain a decent driving record

Having a lustrous driving record would be an advantage while renting a car in Toronto. Leading car rental companies in Canada prefer working with clients without any negative marks on their driving records. Different rental companies deploy their own mechanisms for assessing your driving history. In case you have too many tickets or demerit points against your name, you might find it challenging to find affordable cars for rent.

If your driving record doesn’t look too good, ensure adequate insurance coverage while renting the car.

4. Get adequate insurance coverage

The legal requirements mandate the car you drive to have adequate insurance coverage. Rental companies often work with insurance brokers like Surex to find the best deals. Alternatively, you can also have your own insurance policy in place when you rent a car in Canada.

The liability coverage and insurance requirements vary from one insurer to another. Besides, it depends on the region where you would be driving the vehicle. In case of an accident, some insurance companies charge additional fees.

As the driver, you may already have your own coverage for compensating damage to cars that you don’t own. Besides, certain credit cards also offer insurance facilities when you use the card to pay the rental. In these situations, it makes sense to check out with the credit card issuing bank regarding the coverage they offer.

5. Use your credit card

In Canada, most car rental companies expect their clients to use their credit cards to pay the rent. Besides, if you happen to damage the car during your use, you need to compensate for the losses using your credit card.

Car insurers might also ‘hold’ a certain amount on your credit card during the duration of your rent. Cash and debit cards are not generally accepted as payment methods since they don’t have the privilege of blocking the amount. However, when you return the vehicle, you may use your debit card to make the payment.

Before you get a car on rent, make sure to discuss the requirements at the outset with the car rental company. It makes sense to know all the vehicle options, additional fees, and insurance coverage required.

Get a rental car insurance policy

If you frequently drive rented cars, it would be wise to purchase an affordable rental car insurance policy for yourself. Here are some of the provisions you should look out for in these policies.

1. Third-party liability

This provision is mandatory and covers all the damages that you inflict on another car or driver. Just like you need third-party liability coverage for the car you own, you need the policy for your rented car for the same reason.

2. Theft protection

This coverage is necessary if the car you take on rent gets stolen. With adequate coverage in place, you need not pay any compensation to the car rental company. Theft protection coverage also includes damages to the vehicle in an attempt to steal.

3. Collision damage waiver

This is a provision that would financially protect you if you are involved in a collision. This coverage is applicable only to cover the body of the car. So, the tires, windshield, battery, or any other interior accessories don’t come under the coverage.

Renting a car in Toronto — Endnote

While car rental companies include the cost of insurance in the rental cost, not every damage or loss comes under its coverage.

Therefore, it would be wise to reach out to an insurance specialist at an online insurance brokerage to purchase affordable policies offering maximum coverage. This ensures that you don’t need to shell out any additional compensation from your pocket in case you end up damaging the rental car.

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