Religious Jewelry: Types and Where to Buy Them

Religion has always been at the forefront of a human being’s drive for excellence and seeking the stars to be as near the Supreme being as possible. This sense and belonging of faith enriches their daily lives while keeping them grounded even when life doesn’t go their way. While most don’t need a daily reminder of the faith they belong to, some feel a constant calm and peace if an object of their faith is with them at all times. If you are wondering about how to get a real gold diamond Jesus piece in an online store, we have the following solutions for you.

Different Styles of Religious Jewelry:

If you are new to wearing religious jewellery and trinkets or just in it for the fashion, you need to know what style options you have. Let’s see what sort of styles that religious jewelry offers us.

Crosses and Crucifixes:

Most Christian believe that Jesus died on the cross for them and their sins. It is more than that and just a symbol. The cross and the crucifixion signify how he defeated death, achieved heaven in the face of impossible odds, defeated them for his purpose, and left us a beacon of light to fight and defeat the darkness. This belief holds a deep meaning for some and something to take hope from and inspiration.

A basic difference can help you cherish your jewelry and enjoy the statement piece when it comes to types of crosses and crucifixes style and type. Crosses are simply a depiction of a cross on which The Romans pinned on Jesus of Nazareth. At the same time, a crucifix depicts the actual event, having a small representation of Jesus on the cross in this type of jewelry.

Both crosses and crucifixes can be worn as pendants on chains and necklaces, drops for your earrings, and even part of a chain that you can wear on your wrists as bracelets.

Chaplets and Rosaries:

While both are technically the same thing and not jewelry per se, both can be used interchangeably while not being used for prayer. Some believe these help you focus when praying, which has seeped into other religions being used to repeat the glorification of their Lord. Some of these can have up to 100 beads in a single rosary.

Most rosaries and chaplets are made of intricate beads or gems attached with a cross, crucifix, or even a religious medal.

Religious Medals:

For the devout Christians, religious medals had held a sense of mythical powers before the 20th century that kept them linked to the Lord. Still, with the advent of science and technology, the reliance on these tools has lessened this connection. But some people of faith still hold them dear and have a soft spot for these relics and have incorporated them in their daily fashion.

Coin Pendants

Even though these pendants don’t hold much value as sentimental or religious jewelry, it is quite expensive as an antique or relic, giving a good price in the market.

Where to Buy the Best Religious Jewelry:

The first place to start or look for when buying religious jewelry is your local shops or stores in your area. The second and best place to go online and search for trusted sellers for religious jewelry.

You can also start with a reliable online jewelry store and find the best available religious jewelry. Following are some great religious jewelry pieces that you can buy online.

Diamond Angel Pendant:

The Angel pendant is in the shape of a baby angel representing the roman catholic times where angels were depicted as innocent beings. This beautiful baby angel is made of solid 14K white gold with diamond-studded wings and on the loincloth. This pendant can be used on a chain or attached with any of your other valuables.

Cost: $1,295

Diamond Baby Angel Medallion:

This is a much smaller miniature version of a baby angel inside a medallion, all made from gold. The inner and outer circle of the medallion as well as the wings of the angel. This is a great charm that you can hang as a pendant on a necklace or get framed inside a glass frame as a great decorative piece.

Cost: $1,595

Gold Pave Diamond Cross of Ankh:

Reminiscent of priests of the ancient gods in Egypt is considered an Egyptian symbol of life and prosperity. This is a great gift for a friend interested in pyramids and their ancient, now defunct gods but still holds great interest in their history.

Cost: $1,445

Gold Diamond Religious Praying Hands Rosary:

This item is a great piece of design made in the shape of hands holding a cross rosary while praying. Everything here is 14K pure gold. The hands are studded with round diamonds while the rosary beads have individual black diamonds for each bead; the cross is studded with multiple black diamonds. This is a great mantle piece gift or a great gift if a family member or friend has started his practice.

Cost: $4,495

How To Clean Gems and Diamonds:

Diamonds and gems are forever, but their shine and sheen are not. Their pristine condition and shine need to be taken care of, and therefore, you should know how to clean diamonds at home. Following are some quick steps, but you can read them in detail in the above link.

  • Cleaning with warm water using soft bristle brush as hard brushes might damage the diamonds.
  • Use standard glass cleaning equipment to clean dirt and stains softly.
  • Use window cleaner by first soaking in soapy hot water and then removing grime by soft brush. You can also use a lint-free cloth by just spraying on the jewels.
  • Read for more info in the above link.


Religious jewelry can be a great gift for your friends and family who are people of faith. Normally people don’t buy themselves such items as most of the time people only relate to books and other source material for understanding. These pendants, rosaries, and crosses can be a great gift to show that you care and bring them close to the love of the Lord.

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