Reforestation and More Areas Which Help The Environment

If you are looking a donating money to causes which are helping in the reduction of climate change then it is first important to look at certain sectors. For example within reforestation there are a number of charities working in various parts of the world, seeking to help repopulate the falling number of trees which we are losing. The key here is to understand what matters most to you, a general approach won’t help too much with regards of where to look at putting your money, but once you understand which sector you’d like to focus on, you can them find it much easier to elect a charity of your choice.

Lets take a look at some of the great work which is being done around the world, and where you could potentially dedicate your money.

Animal Conservation

Animals are facing huge problems for a number of reasons, the main reason that they are facing problems is that we are killing them, they are being poached and they are being hunted down by us. The second reason is that they are losing their homes and their eco-systems because of climate change and because we are destroying them. Animal conservation charities are working tirelessly to have more laws created so that animals are protected and they are also working directly with animals to try and rescue them and give them a better life.


The principle reason as to why we are destroying our forests is that we are looking to create space for crops which we will then use to fee the massive amount of animals in the meat industry. It is for this reason that there is so much that people are trying to do with regards to reforestation, bring back those trees that we have lost. Sadly however it takes a long time for a young sapling to do even half the work that those old trees once did, but we have to do all that we can to try.


The textiles industry is also one of the single biggest perpetrators when it comes to the horrendous impact that it has on the environment. There is much more to this as well with sweat shops being found to use cheap, child labor and create horrendous conditions for its workers. From an environmental standpoint we have to focus more on reusing clothes and textiles to reduce the demand on those cheap companies which are mass producing clothing. Those factories and sweat shops are responsible for great carbon emissions both in the creation of textiles and in the transportation of textiles. This is another area where we see fantastic charities doing work which seeks to put an end to this and rise to turn those old, unwanted items of clothing into something better.

These are just a few examples of the sectors in which you could put your money should you decide to, and within each there are many fantastic charities to choose from.

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