Recover SD Card Data for Free

Recovering lost data is really a big problem nowadays. Users are facing many difficulties when they found their devices format due to any reason. Then they have the main question in their mind, can they get back the whole on your device?

Whatever, it is a hard disk or their memory card. Therefore, recover SD card for free is the main query of the users when they find nothing on their SD card.

And the answer is YES!

Yes, you can retrain your any file back with SD card recovery software on your SD cards like videos, photos, USB drive, HDD, documents from SD card, or SSD easily. But if you are facing more problem like that then here I will tell you something valuable. When your SD card becomes inaccessible and formatted, and you find no way to get back. Then you need to run some recovery software.

Moreover, the data recovery software makes it possible to get back deleted data and may help anyone with formatted recovery, deleted recovery, raw recovery, etc. Therefore, I will tell you here in this article how you can get rid of this problem if you have lost your data from your SD card.

And one main thing to keep in mind is that this whole process is free of any cost. And you do not need to pay any fee or hidden charges to get back your precious data back on your SD card.

An Easy Access To Get Back All On SD Card

Now the point comes to the users is that which one recovery software is good to use. And from where they can find excellent access to get back all. Several recovery software and programs are available in the market to satisfy your recovery objective.

But you have no need to check them all and get the best one. Because I am bringing an easy and amazing choice for you something to Recover SD Card Data for Free. You’ll choose the simplest one consistent with the pros and cons.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a famous name for getting back all on your SD card. It is a famous tool that can recover all the lost data on your SD card. It can retrieve the data and any type of file that you have lost due to any reason. You can get a full range of your documents with strong security. It will work for you without any charge because it is free. It will work effectively and efficiently for more than hundred plus scenarios like deletion and formation. So you can use it if you want a guaranteed recovery of your lost files on SD card.


  • It has a very friendly user-interface.
  • No long process and more steps to follow. You just have to follow a three simple steps process.
  • It will support all type of formats like FAT, exFAT, ReFS, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+, ReFS, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, etc.
  • It will get back the lost items by their names and extension.
  • It will repair the corrupted files automatically.


  • When you specify a location of the lost files then it will search the whole folder at once.
  • It will recover only 2GB data free of any charge.

3-Steps Process To Recover SD Card Data for Free With EaseUS

With just a simple and easy process, you can recover the lost data back on your SD card. You have no need to employ a long process with complicated and time-consuming steps.

It involves the users only for a 3-steps simple process through which you can get back all with ease.

Step: 1

  • First run the recovery software and scan the cardboard.
  • Then launch the EaseUS recovery software on your system and press “Scan” after selecting the SD card location.
  • Then the scanning process starts to find the lost data.

Step: 2

  • When the scanning process gets completed, then press the option of “Filter” to find out the lost files.

Step: 3

  • Now you can get a preview of any file with a “Double Click”. Open the retrieved data and save them anywhere on your PC.

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