Reasons Why Our Brain Does Not Let Us Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to do, but it is neither impossible nor glamorous. When we think of dieting or losing weight, we start thinking about going to the gym, working out hard, and eating less. However, there are many reasons why our brain does not let us lose weight. Sometimes it’s just bad luck that your body decided to store fat instead of using it as energy. Similarly, some people have problems with their metabolism and need help from special medications that raise their metabolism rate so they can get rid of the extra pounds they have collected over time. If you are overweight then this book is for you! It is packed with strategies so that you can learn how to lose weight without fail. For more updates about weight loss click on this website

If people think it is that simple then what actually keeps one from achieving the ideal weight?. A person who is following a perfect routine and isn’t taking any cheat days, then what exactly is not letting them achieve the results or at least permanently.

The missing link in between is your brain. You’ve heard it right, our brain is the organ that is responsible for making multiple decisions in a day, including every bite you eat and every exercise you do. It is very important to get the brain and body on the same page. Certainly, you will have a hard time seeing and believing in the lasting progress but the good news is that you can There are a few ways you can train your brain to work with you, not against you. If you are not able to find a proper diet plan, consult with best dietitian in Karachi.

The Fact You Should Be Aware Of Is That Your Stomach Isn’t On A Diet, Your Mind Is!

Even on the times when you are not actively following a diet plan, what matters the most is your dieting mindset because it can cause you to eat more and gain weight. Thinking that soon you will be going back to the restrictive diet, you may eat more than you normally would and that too because of your mind.

A mindset that keeps identifying that the food you are eating or diet you are consuming is not good enough, will have a log term effect on your weight. You can end up in a cycle of emotional eating and gain all those extra pounds which will eventually reduce your self-esteem and also, it is tough to beat it.

What To Do In This Situation?

1. Do Not Think That Whatever You Are Eating Will Definitely Make You Fat

The extra emphasis and focus on how food makes your body feel will not have a good impact on your health. Focus on the energy it is bringing to you. Focus on how healthy foods give us more energy and make us feel better. Be it triple scoop ice cream or a single scoop, you already know that the triple scoop is going to make you feel lazy afterwards, so you stick to a lesser scoop and enjoy every bite. Over time, it leads to impact your health. Either in a bad way or good.

2. Stop Taking Things Out From Your Diet, Add To It

Keeping yourself restricted does not lead to the effect we want it to get from it, so rather restricting ourselves, if we focus on adding good foods to the diet, it will make us feel good. Good foods include vegetables and fruits because they help in better digestion. Whereas, whole grains and proteins keep us feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Adding these types of foods to our diets will not make us obsessed with what we are not eating.

3. Work On Yourself To Improve The Negative Mindset

As soon as we start tieing ourselves to a restrictive diet, keep a balance with certain food choices that makes us happy. Consequently, it will not make you guilty as you’ll already be balancing your diet

The best thing you can do along is to write down all the positive changes that you are bringing to your diet each day that includes drinking more water or taking a walk. Log a diary or a journal and do not use the words “good” and “bad” to describe your food choices and also, yourself.

4. Avoid Eating While Using Phone Or Watching Tv

It is a well researched and scientifically backed fact that people tend to overeat while they’re watching a TV show or a cricket match or even scrolling down Instagram. Be it anything, it makes your brain focus on something else other than food hence, it is not fulfilling. So, it is very important that you eat your food with proper concentration, and focus on your meal. Avoid multitasking while you are eating and you will tend to eat only the required quantity.

If you are finding it hard to manage your weight despite all the efforts, clean dieting and a perfectly active routine, you definitely need to consult a dietician/nutritionist so they can identify where you are going wrong in your diet.

Stay Healthy and Active!

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