Reasons Why A Good Smartphone Is A Must During The Lockdown

A smartphone is not a luxury nowadays. It is the Swiss army tool version of technology. Most of us require our smartphones to do our basic day-to-day activities. But do these requirements increase when we’re in a lockdown? Absolutely. Following our few reasons why a smartphone is a must during a lockdown:

1)    Ordering Essentials:

With the national lockdown upon us, we are now trapped in our houses unable to do our everyday chores. Basic groceries shopping for everyday essentials require us to stand in long queues in the scorching Indian heat, waiting for our turn. Having a smartphone during this period enables us to order these essentials online without stepping outside our rooms, let alone our houses. Many food delivery businesses like Zomato, Swiggy and the like have now started delivering basic food essentials like rice, lentils, fruits and vegetables.

2)    Keeping up with Covid-19 news:

The novel Coronavirus has affected the whole world and people are frantically trying to keep up with any update that states a new vaccine to combat it. A smartphone will keep you well in the loop and informed about such updates through many news apps.

3)    Entertainment:

If you don’t already know, a smartphone opens up a world full of entertainment for your dull days. It will keep you entertained throughout the day with innumerable OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, etc. You can now watch movies and sitcoms of different genres and multiple educational documentaries all available on these platforms. Additionally, there are a number of games, books and other social media apps that can make sure you have plenty to do in a day.

4)    Learn new skills:

Several universities are now conducting online professional classes for free to help students learn more during the pandemic. What’s more, many people are conducting webinars and classes for other fun activities like drawing, painting, music classes, fitness, cooking and baking. With a smartphone, you will be able to access these classes and learn an exciting new skill and even get a certificate of a professional course.

5)    Staying close to family and friends:

With friends and families maintaining social distance, it feels like you haven’t seen them in a very long time. Having a smartphone during a lockdown will enable you to stay in touch and video call them irrespective of the distance between you two. Apps like Skype, Hike, Facebook and Viber provide high quality video calls and messaging to make social distancing easy.

6)    Stay connected to work:

The disadvantage of working from home is that there are a number of distractions that will have you leave your workstation. You might miss an important call from a client or forget you have a meeting to attend. With a smartphone synced to your laptop, you will be able to get notifications and reminders related to your work.

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