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The katana sword was first forged in the year 1185 and was used all throughout the kamakura period in Japan up until 1333. Due to its long history and iconic status amongst samurai warriors, the katana sword has become well known across the planet. It is for this reason why so many sword and weapon collectors buy them from swords for sale. However, if you are unsure as to whether or not you should buy one yourself, then keep reading below as we have put together a list of reasons why one of these iconic pieces of Japanese history is worth buying.

It is highly polished

The amount of time and effort that goes into polishing a katana sword is like no other. When these weapons were made during the feudal period in Japan, swordsmiths typically spent anywhere between a few days to several weeks polishing a katana sword in order to achieve the desired finish. This is highly impressive and goes to show how much workmanship goes into each of these weapons.

It was used by samurai warriors

The main weapon of the fearsome Japanese samurai warriors was the katana sword. This goes to show just how dangerous these weapons can be when used by trained individuals. In addition to the katana sword, the samurai also carried with them a smaller secondary weapon known as a tanto. This is shorter and smaller than the katana sword so was used for different reasons, such as close quarters combat.

It is made from Tamahagane steel

The best katana swords are made from a high carbon, excellent quality steel that is known as Tamahahgane steel. Thanks to this, the katana sword is incredibly strong and would very rarely, if ever, break during combat. This type of steel also allows the weapon to have an edge, whilst also being super strong and highly flexible.

It is used in martial arts

Whilst the katana sword is mostly nowadays used for display purposes, it is also used within some types of martial art. For instance, in iaidō, the weapon is used by participants. The reason for this is because the katana sword has a blade that is curved and has a cutting edge, which allows for quick and efficient drawing. The katana sword is also used by participants of the martial art called tameshigiri.

It is made by master swordsmiths

The earliest katana swords were forged by the most skillful master swordsmiths in ancient Japan. An example of one of these individuals is the legendary Gorō Nyūdō Masamune. Over the years, this swordsmith was responsible for making some of the best quality katana swords in the entire world. It was for this work that he achieved the legendary status that he still has to this day.

It is a good size

The average katana sword measures 73cm in length or 28.75 inches. This makes it the perfect size to use in lots of different types of combat situations.

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