Reasons Custom Butcher Paper is Great Branding

A sizable sum may be needed for the restaurant’s branding initiatives. The food service sector is highly competitive, and as any restaurant owner or restaurant marketing firm will tell you, it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd and get people to remember your brand and location.

It’s true that there are numerous strategies for promoting a restaurant, but their efficacy and price tags vary greatly. Search for low-cost, high-performance branding resources easily durable over time if you want to get the most bang for your dollar. See below for the many reasons why customized butcher paper is the best bang for the buck when promoting your eatery’s name.

Butcher paper with your design can be made quickly, used in many different ways, and won’t break the bank. If your establishment employs baskets and trays, provides takeout service, or sells fresh meat, you may already be familiar with butcher paper. The following are some suggestions for incorporating your food service paper into your brand:


Butcher paper that has been custom printed allows you to display any advertising message you like, from your company logo and business hours to your restaurant’s address and menu.


You can have your custom butcher paper ordered quickly because flexographic printing requires no drying time for the ink and has a short setup time. Every print job will be completed more quickly, allowing you to receive your paper sooner.


When orders of any quantity are placed, a restaurant’s logo or a message can be printed on butcher paper at a relatively low additional fee. If you want to ensure that you have good paper on hand, you are free to raise or reduce the quantity of paper you order the next time.

Other Brand-building Techniques Pale in Comparison

Although there are numerous alternatives to investing in restaurant branding, these alternate choices typically come with constraints that can be difficult to work around, especially when branding on a budget.

Signs at the window and along the road, for instance, are critical for attracting both foot and car traffic. The installation of signage, as well as any subsequent changes, can be rather pricey. It can cost a lot more upfront to set up digital signage that is also easily editable.

The use of company-issued uniforms is another illustration. This is a great way to get your name out there and stay top of mind with your clients as they enjoy your product or service. However, restaurants have a high turnover rate, increasing the price of buying and screen printing branded clothes. As with static signage, it can be costly to make adjustments to a uniform’s look or message.

Butcher paper is ubiquitous in the food service sector; it can be seen wrapping sandwiches, forming the bag for takeout orders, lining trays, and covering tables for dine-in customers, all of which are opportunities to display the brand. Furthermore, any phrase you want to convey can be written and read clearly on a pristine white or pink background.

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