Reasons an Authorised Service Centre is the Best Car TLC

Dashing designs, safety features, reasonable prices, and power-packed performance are some reasons people prefer KIA cars. Regardless of the awesome condition of each vehicle, there will be a time when you need to send it for high-quality servicing. With a range of models for every pocket size and reasonable KIA Rio service cost plans, these vehicles continue to win the hearts of millions of Australians.

The KIA line of vehicles is backed by a long-standing name in the industry that ensures user comfort and safety. But the million-dollar question is, why should you send your vehicle for regular servicing to an authorised KIA service department?


While under warranty, the best thing you can do for your car is taking it to the authorised KIA service centre. Each vehicle from the manufacturer comes with an extensive 7-year unlimited-kilometre warranty and 12-month complimentary roadside assistance. The best part is that you can take advantage of these warranties by taking the vehicle to any authorised KIA service department in the country!

Repairs done according to manufacturer recommendations

Authorised service centres have access to schemes, databases, special tools, and programs that help with diagnosing defects and eliminating them. Each part of the vehicle is thoroughly inspected and repaired to comply with the manufacturer’s strict requirements.

Original spare parts ensure verified, high-quality safety conditions set out by KIA. Plus, using original spare parts ensures that technicians match each component to the right vehicle. Also, the centres stock an extensive range of spare parts, which helps keep the KIA Rio service cost low and reduces the time required for undertaking repairs.

Increased resale value

Getting your vehicle serviced at the authorised centre means that there is a service record history available any time you need it. The record contains a list of all the maintenance work done on your particular vehicle, difficulty level, cost, frequency and much more.

When selling a car, prospective buyers can verify service records such as oil changes and engine belt changes, so you can sell the vehicle at a reasonable price. These records are especially critical when selling premium KIA cars.

Access to multiple services under one roof

Some critical services available at a KIA service department centre include:

  • Oil changes—This help maintain smooth operation, increase lifespan, and improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle. The frequency of oil changes depends on the type of car and driving style.
  • Air condition maintenance—Experienced technicians inspect the AC for possible faults.
  • Body repair—Repairing the car’s body helps improve its resale value tremendously.
  • Wheel balancing and alignment—Computerised wheel alignment helps restore the vehicle’s alignment for added safety.
  • General car care tasks—The technicians carry out these tasks to improve the efficiency of your engine. They include engine and radiator flush treatment.
  • Preventive maintenance—Helps prevent breakdowns and failures. Regular maintenance helps improve the car’s durability, safety, performance, and reliability.

Give yourself peace of mind

Expert servicing helps ease your mind knowing that no issues are waiting to occur and at a reasonable KIA Rio service cost that delivers great value. To find out more about KIA servicing, visit the Toowong KIA website today at

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