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When buying real estate, it is important that the potential buyer sees the product with his own eyes before contacting you. It is better to see once than hear a hundred times. It is very important to upload a higher quality photo of the interior because nothing is more important than the first impression you get when watching an advertisement. Using the services of a real estate photographer, your buyers will pay attention to your ad and it will not get lost among thousands of similar ones.

First of all, buyers pay attention to professional photographers of real estate, beautiful, and high-quality photos of real estate. Thanks to such photographs, real estate is sold not only quickly, but also at a decent price. A professional interior photographer is a person who will make the sale and delivery of your premises fast and profitable for you. His extensive experience, high-quality camera, and advertising photography will allow you to convey the modern style and interior decoration of your home in the best possible way.

Why is amateur real estate photography not enough for a good deal?

Unlike professional real estate photography, the amateur one suffers from disadvantages that alienate clients and present real estate in an unfavorable light, for example:

  • Unclean rooms, unattractive items such as unwashed dishes, trash cans, or burnt out light bulbs.
  • People or animals in the photo; reflections of the photographer himself or his equipment in mirrors and other furnishings.
  • Curved lines, disturbed perspective, distorted proportions: the room looks much smaller or larger than it actually is.
  • Photos are dark or faded, colors are dull, or images are washed out or blurry.
  • incorrectly selected angles for photographs that do not show your apartment from the best side

Different angles and professional real estate photography will highlight your apartment, after which it will be a pleasure to sell them. Each shot of your property, which will be taken by an experienced photographer, will smoothly and discreetly lead the buyer to conclude a deal with you.

How to choose the right photographer for real estate?

There is a considerable demand on the market for real estate photographers, which is why it is so important to find a quality one, and not just open the first link in Google for the query ‘real estate photography near me’. Each photographer has his own requirements for photography, so there are no clear rules for choosing photographic equipment. However, there is a minimum set of photographic equipment required to obtain decent quality photos.

Besides, professional real estate photographers still adhere to some rules when shooting. The main of them are:

  • Be sure to show the facade of the building and the view from the windows.
  • Photos are taken on a sunny day with the windows fully open.
  • All indoor areas must be photographed.
  • There should be no scattered things in the house.
  • The pool is photographed from the level of the water mirror.

If you want to rent or sell your property profitably, you must understand that a good real estate photographer cannot be very cheap. With such a price tag, there can be no talk of professional equipment and high-quality post-processing of photos.

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