Questions to Ask When Hiring an Auto Injury Lawyer

Accidents are almost always unexpected, and it’s best to be prepared to face them. One of the major difficulties after an accident is claiming your insurance against the party-at-fault. This hectic process can be made easier if you hire an auto injury lawyer who can fight for your rights against the opposing party and get you what you deserve.

Ritchie Reiersen Injury & Immigration Attorneys make sure that when you hire our auto injury lawyers, we’re fighting for your claim for and not just settling.

Before you set off to hire an auto injury lawyer, you should ask them a few questions to make sure you’re hiring the right one. Here’s a list of questions to ensure the one you’re hiring is the one for you.

  • What is their Experience in Handling Auto Injury Cases?

You should ensure beforehand that your attorney devotes the vast majority of his or her time to autol injury cases instead of concentrating on other fields or general practice. If the work of the attorney is not dedicated to helping victims of auto injuries, you should consider hiring another attorney who has more experience in this field.

  • What is their Procedure of Payment?

Personal injury lawyers charge their customers on a contingency fee basis, meaning that the customer only pays the attorney’s fees if the claim is recovered. Lawyers deduct a percentage from the amount that the client obtains and this percentage is decided beforehand in a contract when the attorney is hired by the client. ⠀Almost every company works on the basis of contingency fee. Hence try avoiding one that doesn’t since it will only result in your own loss.

  • What Percentage of Cases are Referrals?

A reputable auto injury lawyer will give you the opportunity to discuss your case free of charge. This confidential assessment will give you the opportunity to ask initial questions and it is at this point where you can decide if filing a lawsuit is necessary in your case You want to be sure that you are actually talking to the attorney who’ll be fighting your case before recruiting a law firm.

Referrals are essential since if the attorney in question accepts a significant percentage of the cases they’re hired on from referrals, this is a sign that previous employees do want to hire them again and they hold a high reputation.

  • Do You Have Connections to Legal Organizations?

There are national and state associations made up of auto injury lawyers that focus on helping victims of car accidents. If your lawyer is in connection to these organizations, it once again gives you a plus point and identifies that they’re well-reputable.

  • What is the Worth of my Auto Injury Case?

Citing the importance of your case or making promises is not realistic for a lawyer because each case differs on its own. The attorney may, however, be able to tell you what to expect depending on how much the oppposing party is at fault for your injuries and how severe your injuries are. Our Attorneys

  • How Long Will the Case Take to Resolve?

Once again, it is not possible for your lawyer to come up with a specific timeline for your claim to be recovered. The duration depends on the factors of the case itself. Normally, it will take six months to resolve the case in a clear compensation case with severe injuries and minimum insurance. However, if the situation may arise where you’ve to file a lawsuit, it may take one or more years to resolve your case.

  • Do You Have Connections to Relevant Resources?

For cases of auto injury your attorney should also be in contact with required experts such as medical professionals, financial consultants, accident recovery experts. ⠀The lawyer you hire needs to have contact with the specified consultants and even other resources that might be needed so that the lawyer can properly fight for your rights against the opposing party.

  • How Long Have You Been Practicing?

When you’re hiring an auto injury lawyer, another important question to ask them beforehand is their years in practicing law and specifically auto injury cases. You don’t want a lawyer who has just stepped into this field to be handling your case especially if it’s a complicated one. Moreover, you should check the results of the lawyer as to how many auto injury cases he/she has fought and out of those how many were won.

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