4 Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer Newmarket When Hiring One

Were you hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence? If yes, you can file a personal injury claim for compensation. The tort law requires the person responsible for the injuries to compensate you.  

You can file legal lawsuits for different types of personal injuries. These include workplace accidents, car collisions, slips, falls, dog bites, assault, medical malpractice, wrongful death, or product liability.  

The law allows you to seek settlement for any of the mentioned personal injury cases. However, the process of seeking justice is easier said than done. And if you aren’t careful, you can lose the case. But the good news is that you can hire a personal injury lawyer to walk with you and increase your chances of receiving the proper compensation.  

While that’s the case, you can’t just hire any personal injury lawyer you meet and expect a successful journey. It would be best if you were very careful when selecting your personal injury attorney.  

Here are essential questions to ask a personal injury lawyer in Newmarket when hiring one. 

Are You Qualified And Licensed To Offer Personal Injury Legal Services? 

When looking for a personal injury lawyer in Newmarket, one of the most critical questions is about qualification. Every lawyer doesn’t handle personal injury claims. Therefore, ensure you hire a lawyer qualified for your specific personal injury case.  

You should also be aware that some people claiming to provide personal injury legal services are not certified lawyers. They’re merely searching for easy ways to take money from clients. This is another reason why it’s ideal to always ask for credentials.  

Note that anyone offering legal services should’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in a specific field. In this case, it implies personal injury services. It would help if you were wary of hiring a lawyer who can’t produce their qualification certificates. 

Aside from that, you should ensure you hire a person licensed by the government to offer personal injury legal services. You can visit this website or any other similar platform to find a qualified and licensed lawyer for your personal injury case.  

How Long Have You Worked As A Personal Injury Lawyer? 

Working with a skilled personal injury attorney is critical to the success of your case. Such a lawyer will most likely be better at negotiating, boosting your chances of winning the case.  

You can’t tell how experienced a lawyer is by looking at them. That is why you should inquire about their years of experience in that specific field.  

Experience grows over time. Therefore, a person who has worked as a personal injury lawyer for many years has more experience than a fresh graduate.  

Personal injury attorneys with extensive experience are always in high demand. For that reason, finding the market’s most experienced service provider can be difficult. However, you should ensure you select a personal injury lawyer with relevant experience.  

In addition, the chosen lawyer must have assisted several people with cases like yours in the past. This gives you the confidence that your case is handled by someone who knows what they’re doing.  

Where Is Your Office Located? 

You might think the location isn’t essential when finding a personal injury lawyer. But it can have an impact on your budget and the outcome of your case. 

You can hire a distant lawyer if you believe they are the best. However, you can spend a lot of money traveling to meet them. This can significantly affect your finances in the long run.  

You also need to note that personal injury laws differ from one region to another. Therefore, a distant attorney may be unfamiliar with the legislation in your hometown. This could have an impact on the outcome of your litigation. That said, it would be advisable to find a personal injury lawyer within your area.  

What Are Your Fees? 

The primary motivation for bringing a personal injury claim is to obtain monetary compensation. Hiring a lawyer with exorbitant fees is unnecessary because it will diminish your compensation. 

However, you should not compromise the quality of legal services to save money. Any fees you pay should entitle you to premium services.  

To ensure you don’t lose money, you can find a personal injury lawyer who works on a contingency basis. In such an arrangement, the lawyer hired will take an agreed percentage of your compensation.  That means you won’t pay any fee unless you win the case. In layman’s words, no victory, no fee. 


Choosing the finest personal injury lawyer in Newmarket isn’t always easy. This is due to the abundance of them on the market. And if you’re not careful, you might end up with the wrong attorney. However, by asking the question outlined in this article, you can be sure of finding a good lawyer for your personal injury claim.

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