Qualities of a great employer

Being a good employer is indispensable in today’s world. Companies are competing fiercely with each other to get more clients and earn more profits. Another aspect of this competition comes in the form of having good employees.

Any business is as good as its employees. This is the reason why companies across the globe invest so much to become desirable employers. A good employer is someone who makes sure that the employees working with them feel valued and grow personally as well as professionally.

Employers give some lavish employee perks like – free lunches, leaves, a campus equipped with all the facilities like games, massages, adventures, etc. All this is done to make the employee feel valued and appreciated.

Good employers make sure that their employees work stress-free and have a great work-life balance. They invest a lot of time and energy to provide them with good training modules.

The L&D department works tirelessly to develop the best training programs for the employees. For instance, a lot of research is done to find out the best LMS for providing online training. If they want a cost-effective and efficient LMS like Paylocity, they would compare Paylocity pricing with other LMS available in the market to get the best out of the lot.

This way employers across the globe make sure that their employees feel comfortable and grow while working with them. This appreciation should not be limited only to the monetary terms but on subtler levels.

In this article, we would try to list traits that make you a good employer. So let’s begin.

A good employer is a good leader

It is adamant that being a leader is way more important than being a boss. A good employer leads from the front by making sure that he is doing his role perfectly. He makes sure to set an example for his subordinates to follow. He can delegate tasks that are reasonable, achievable, and suitable for the overall growth of the employees.

Offers flexible working schedules

A good employer offers his employees a flexible working schedule. For him, it is not important where the employees do their work, when they work and how they work, as long as they are holding up to the deadlines. This is what most employees look for in an employer these days. Covid -19 has paved the way for flexible working, but I believe that this trend will continue for a long time post Pandemic also.

Pay decent wages

A good employer makes sure that his employees do not feel undervalued in the most important aspect, that is the salary. Everything else loses importance in front of the salary. Good employers make sure that their employees earn decently well to keep them motivated for their roles.

Ensure overall development of the employees

Good employers not only make sure that the employees are growing in their professional lives but also in their personal lives. They want their employees to be good at life and be better people while working with them. Most successful companies arrange for different self-help practices like meditation seminars, guest lectures, etc for their employees.


A good employer communicates well with his employees, communication is a two-process and any good employer knows this. They make sure to tell their employees about their expectations, roles, and responsibilities. But they also listen to their employees. Taking feedback from the employees about the work culture, managers, or the workspace can be game-changing, and help to adopt better practices at work.

The bottom line

Being a good and desirable employer is indispensable if you want to get the best employees working for you. Here were some traits of a good employer. Relate with these to check if you are faring well as an employer or not.

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