Qatar 2022 and the Rise of African Football

Undoubtedly, the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022 will be a spectacular event, with some of the best teams and players in the world competing for global supremacy. However, one country that could provide even more excitement than most is Africa’s own Morocco.

Although they could not secure qualification for Russia 2018, Morocco has made huge strides since then and is now considered by many as genuine contenders for victory in Qatar 2022.

At this point in the FIFA World Cup, there isn’t a clear favorite in any of the remaining matches, which means that everyone is a favorite.

The fact that France is one of the top four teams does not come as a surprise, and Croatia’s advancement to the semifinals is also not a big surprise anymore. Lionel Messi and Argentina will continue to have the support of one-third of the global population.

In the meantime, Morocco will have the backing of an entire continent and other factors.

If Morocco is victorious on 18th December, the entire footballing world will significantly transform. It will provide hope to the hundreds of millions of people in that country who undoubtedly believed their nation would never get this far.

They can make the kind of history that will become a footnote in history and one of our lifetimes most talked about sporting exploits if they are successful.

The allies of Walid Regragui stand a chance to play a role in history that is beyond their wildest dreams. When that happens, only then will they be free to write their history and possibly the history of an entire continent.

Regarding Morocco, the people of this North African country will keep their feet firmly planted on the ground regardless of the success they have had.

While their supporters are in the mood, Regragui’s players will know the significance of the next match against the reigning world champions, France. Some people may declare they’ve reached their potential and that they should consider this a success. However, Morocco’s goal is to go far, which is not out of the question. One thing is for sure: fans are super excited, and you can see that on the football helmet decal.

Is it possible for Morocco to win the FIFA World Cup?

That is not the issue that has to be asked in this situation. Instead, one should ponder what sort of presence Morocco will carve out for itself on the international scene. 

The Atlas Lions have gradually established themselves as the favorite team of the spectators, even though they are still determining if they will make it to the championship game given that they will face the reigning champions of the globe, France.

However, it is essential to look at who they will be competing against in this competition. They have been given a tougher draw than any other team that is moving on to the knockout stages, except Japan, who has been outstanding in all four games in which they have participated.

Morocco was placed in a group with Croatia and Belgium, two teams that advanced to the semifinals of the 2018 tournament. Despite this, Morocco was able to prevail with a semblance of composure. Following their victory over the Red Devils, Regragui’s squad continued their winning streak by claiming first place in their pool with a win over Canada.

The impressive victory over Spain boosted the team’s confidence heading into the quarterfinal match against Portugal. In recent years, the media has tended to focus their attention on him whenever Cristiano Ronaldo has been on the losing side of a controversy. Morocco, though, was able to steal the spotlight away from him.

As for Morocco’s possibilities, there is an excellent opportunity for every team to go to the next round. Because of their experience and previous success in this competition, Morocco will be considered a favorite among neutral observers. 

Despite this, they have already accomplished more for the Arab world and Africa than anyone else in the history of football. The importance of winning the grand prize cannot be overstated. There is no reason Morocco shouldn’t be able to deliver the elusive World Cup success that has never been seen on African soil back home.

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