Punchmade Dev Net Worth: How He Achieves Success

Punchmade Dev is an American musician, investor, entrepreneur, YouTuber, songwriter, and rapper. In this blog post, you will discover Dev’s actual net worth and learn how he achieved this success in the challenging digital world. This article will provide information regarding his lifestyle, personal life, sources of income, business ventures, and more. 

Who is Punchmade Dev?

American rapper and content creator Devon Punchmade Dev has been gaining abundant attention on social media platforms, mainly due to his partnership with Adin Ross, a popular kick-streamer. Recently, he claims to have been cheating Adin for thousands of dollars regularly, all without Adin’s awareness or knowledge. 

He identifies himself as a proclaimed hacker and engages multiple similar cheaters by admitting it openly. He says in his latest video; “Did I really scam Adin Ross? Of course. He is an easy target. He doesn’t know what the f**k he’s doing. He’s loose. He doesn’t use a VPN. All he gets swatted every day. He’s a rookie.”

Name Punchmade Dev
ProfessionRapper, Youtuber, songs writer
Appealing songsMillion Dollar Criminal, Internet Swiping, Wire Fraud Tutorial
Date of Birth16th October 2000
Net worth$2million
Age23 years old

Education and Early Life

Devon Turner, a.k.a. Punchmada Dev, was born in North Carolina on 16 October 2000. Throughout his childhood, he moved to many different places. He spent his early years in Kentucky, Louisa, then Houston or Hawaii, and relocated to Lexington. 

His single mom raised him along with his two younger brothers. Instead of focusing on high school, he spent most of his time watching YouTube videos on how to edit better. He is interested in sports, including basketball, football, and track. Punchamade Dev grew up playing basketball and soccer. He got his education from a high school diploma.

Profession and career

From school, Punchmade Dev had aspirations to become a singer. He focused on creating gaming videos on YouTube and gave up music. Dev was able to build a following of 100,000 subscribers just within a year on his channel. But eventually, his aspirations to become a musician led him to lose interactions for creating YouTube gaming videos. 

After being inspired by YouTube player YBN Nahmir, who jumped to popularity with his song “Rubbin Off The Paint,” Dev quit using YouTube. He thinks that becoming a singer is not a tough job, and for this, he needs to believe in himself. 

With the help of his YouTube Channel income, he bought studio equipment. He has won several accolades and awards in a short period. He released his “Undefeated” debut album on 16 October 2021. His “Internet Swiping” song became popular, so he released its follow-up single, “Anonymous,” after some time. 

He started his record label ‘Punchmade Records’ in 2021 and began producing his engineering, instrumentals, and editing music videos. His most famous songs are Long Live Heather, Punch Anthem, How To Write A Du*p, Special Needs Kid, etc.


Punchmade Dev, an entrepreneur and rapper, lives a lavish lifestyle. He owns several properties in multiple states, including a penthouse in New York, a ranch in Texas, and a mansion in Los Angeles. He also has various luxury cars, such as a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Tesla Model X, and a Lamborghini Urus.

He spends a lot of money on expensive jewelry, accessories, and clothes. Dev used to wear designer brands, including Balenciaga, Gucci, Supreme, and Off-White. He also collects rare sneakers, including Jordans, Nikes, and Yeezys. He has over 500 pairs of shoes. 

Personal life

For the sense of fashion, Punchmade has also gained a reputation. He has shared several pictures on different occasions, showing his love for fashion and exploring the idea that he wants to start a clothing brand in the future. 

Punchmade Dev has a very personal life and does not show much regarding his relationship and family. In the past, he has been connected to several influencers and models, but it is not yet confirmed that he is dating anyone. His younger brother is also in music. 

Dev has a very loyal relationship with his collaborators and friends. Some of his closest friends are Lil Mosey, Lil Tecca, Trippie Redd, and The Kis Laroi.

Age, Height, Weight

He was born on October 16, 2000, in North Carolina, and is now 23 years old. His personality is very charming because of his attractive height of 6 feet and 5 inches (196cm). He is considered a healthy human due to his weight of 90 kg. 

Business ventures

Following his return to the industry of music, in 2021, Punchmade launched his record label titled ‘Punchmade Records’. Besides gaining popularity for music, he has also been known for his luxurious lifestyle. 

He has been featured in Seekerstime, Disrupt, and Yahoo and has caught the attention of high-end magazines. On YouTube, he earned thousands of new followers due to his viral video Rapper on NBA 2K16 MyPARK (Chief Keef and 21 Savage). 

Punchmade Networth

Among the top celebrities in the YouTube and music industry, Punchmade is one. He has earned an abundance of praise throughout his successful career. From his gaming career, he gained a lot of popularity and wealth before launching his music journey. 

His estimated net worth is to be approximately $2 million as of 2024. Since 2015, he has been releasing NBA 2k content, and in 2017 SoundCloud launched by him. Dev’s roughly income is US 500 thousand dollars per year.

Sources of income

Multiple sources of income have been created by Punchmade Dev. His income comes in the form of ‘App Development’ From various places, which develops apps for solving real-world issues. It also includes consulting services (to growing companies providing advice) and Software Sales (providing companies with unique software). 

The sources of income also involve Online courses (Online app development and teaching coding) and speaking engagements (Fees for speaking in public at tech events). 

Inventory of Punchmade Dev

Punchmade Dev’s impressive inventory of digital assets is part of its net worth. This inventory is not constant; it changes and grows over time.

Name of AssetPossible valueOverview 
Mobile AppsPurchases apps and expanding market shareCreative applications with distinctive qualities
Web PortalsEarnings from partnerships and adsWith high-traffic, user-friendly sites
Unique softwareCompetitive advantage and Licensing fees For business needs, custom solutions

Upcoming ventures

Punchmade Dev has a series of promising projects. In the digital landscape, these ventures aim to push the barriers of efficiency and creativity. Excitement builds as the tech community grows more and more about the approaching availability of these revolutionary tools and applications. 

Social Media presence

Punchmade has a considerable presence and loyal fans on social media networks. He has over 10 million followers on Instagram, where he posts videos and pictures of his lifestyle, fashion, or music. Dev posts short clips of his challenges or songs on TikTok and has over 5 million followers. 

He uploads his vlogs or song videos on YouTube and has about 200K million subscribers. Dev tweets about his updates and opinions on Twitter and has over 1 million followers. He shares his events and news and has approximately 500,000 followers, on Facebook. Punchamade offers exclusive content to his fans on his websites and sells his merchandise. 

Public and media impact

Success stories often attract public attention, and Punchmade Dev’s net worth is not unusual. The media’s focus shines on this fascinating personality, affecting public impression. Press coverage serves as a powerful amplifier for his story. 

Reports include in-depth interviews as well as coverage in leading tech publications. Every item creates a story about achievements and knowledge in the tech industry. 


Punchmade Dev is one of the most influential and successful rap artists out of the current generation. With his creativity, talent, and hard work, he has achieved a lot in a short period. He is an excellent inspiration to numerous artists who want to explore their dreams in the music industry.

This blog post provides information about Dev’s net worth, business ventures, career, education, social media presence, and plans.

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