Proven Tactics to Increase the Number of YouTube Likes: Easy Ways from Experts

The YouTube platform is one that you can’t afford to ignore as a business if your hope is to keep ahead of your competitors. YT is where people like to spend their time, and many of them have money to spend. If you’d like to pocket some of that cash while telling the world all about your products, services, and your brand in general, you should make some content. When you do so:

• You will reach groups of people who didn’t know about your company before
• You might feature fun videos that showcase a side of your business to which people will respond favorably
• You’re likely to attract potential partners with whom you will form symbiotic business relationships

The YT platform is all about boosting your positive metrics, such as likes. We’ll talk about how to increase those numbers in the following article.

Purchase Some of Them

Tactic that has been proven to work is to buy YouTube likes if you have the money to spend on them. The good news is that you may easily contact companies that will sell you this critical YT engagement metric, and it will not cost you very much, either.

You’d love to be able to rely just on organic engagement to get those like numbers up. However:

• That’s challenging if you just started your company and nobody knows about it yet
• You’ve used other social media platforms in the past, but you have just arrived on YT
• Getting YouTube users to respond positively to your posts might not work if they don’t see anybody else doing it yet

Don’t worry about the potential illegality of doing this. It’s legal, and it’s an accepted course of action for many YouTube users. Some of the biggest and most successful companies and influencers do it.

Make Sure Your Content is Second to None

You have likely heard that content rules the roost on social media channels. But what can you do to create content that will get you more likes if you’re a newcomer on the platform?

The content writer and strategist Sarah Andres has a word or two to say on this subject. When she talks about modern SEO, also known as search engine optimization, she mentions that it is specifically aimed toward working with high-quality content. She states that using good content is what will lead to the growth of your site in the rankings.

While that applies to business websites, it’s also true for YouTube content. To get likes, you should:

• Create content that’s more informative than what your competitors are producing
• Come up with video ideas that promote your products and services without being too salesy
• Make videos that feature the most photogenic individuals you have

Focusing on who you’re using in your videos is one way to get more likes. You want to get a brand spokesperson who feels natural in front of the camera and can interact with your audience in a way that doesn’t feel contrived.

Let’s say you find that special individual or group of people to star in your videos. If so, it hardly matters whether you’re making content about how to run a B2B SaaS company or you’re selling office furniture. The point is that the right individual or team to use in your videos will connect with your audience in a way that someone who looks uncomfortable in them will not.

Use Surveys and Other Interactive Content

People love surveys and interactive content. That’s true with social media platforms like:

• Meta
• Instagram
• TikTok
• Pinterest

It is perhaps true with YouTube most of all, though. If you’d like to get someone to interact with your YT videos and like them, asking them a question at the end will often get them to engage with the video in a more direct way. It creates a call to action for them.

If we refer back to content writer and strategist Sarah Andres, she often does the same thing. When she’s looking at the best ways to increase a person or entity’s social media following and engagement, she often designs surveys or similar content. This encourages each individual to share their interests and preferences.

By using surveys in your videos, you don’t just make it more probable that someone will like the content. You also get valuable information from them that you can hopefully use in your later social media marketing campaigns.

Collaboration with Other YouTube Stars

If you admire another YouTuber and like what they bring to the table, you can brainstorm about how to do a collaboration with them. Maybe what they do and what your channel does can intersect in some way.

Approaching another YouTuber and getting them to appear on your channel can be a major win for you. You will likely get the entire audience that watches their channel to come along with them when they do a pop-in to create some content.

You might have to tempt them with money or merchandise to get them to work with you, but that might be worth it if this individual has thousands of followers or more. They can directly appeal to their followers to like your videos. That is the kind of engagement you need to start rocketing up the YouTube search engine rankings for your niche.

Use Cross-Promotional Methods

It’s likely that YT is not the only social media platform you’re using to promote your company or yourself. You might also have an active Twitter account, or you may be using TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

If so, it does no harm to steer your followers from your other social media channels to your new one on YT if you’re eager to get as many likes as possible. You might also talk about the new videos you’re creating for YouTube via your company’s website.

You can have people use social media buttons to quickly get to your YT channel. Once they arrive, they can start following you and liking your content. That’s an easy win for you.

If you have a blog, you can talk about your new videos there as well. What you are looking for is interconnectivity among the many places where you can promote yourself, your company, or your brand.

These tactics have an excellent reputation for working if you’re ready to start getting as much YouTube engagement as possible. You can also consider hiring a social media content creator if you can afford one. They might have even more ideas for getting the fast engagement you want.

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