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In today’s world, where copyright is the priority of many works, people will pay high attention to keep their own created content like music, video, or even written content safe and won’t be stolen by other people. So they would encrypt these files from being misused. We know that those commercial-used media content such as movies and music videos, will be protected by some encryption technologies, but what about a single PDF file? Is it also complicated to protect PDF files by locking them from others? Actually, no! EasePDF has provided a super helpful PDF protector to you!

What Is EasePDF and Its PDF Protector?

EasePDF, a professional online PDF solutions provider, has made many useful PDF tools and helped users deal with lots of PDF problems so far. There are mainly four types of PDF tools provided by EasePDF:

1. Formats converters

The first type of PDF tools provided by EasePDF is the format conversion tools. You can use them to convert the formats between PDF and other widely-used document formats, such as Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, etc.

2. PDF editors

EasePDF offers 5 different tools to help people edit their PDF files freely, including Edit PDF, Rotate PDF, eSign PDF, Add Watermark, and Add Page Numbers.

3. PDF organizers

There are also tools that are provided for managing and organizing the PDF files if you need them. You can merge, split, compress, crop, or delete some pages of PDF files with the solutions provided here.

4. PDF defenders

To help keep the PDF files safe and private, EasePDF also releases two protectors to help people keep the files secure. They are a pair of tools that offer conversed functions, which is Unlock PDF and Protect PDF.

Accordingly, if you want to add a password to the PDF file, you should select Protect PDF as your helper.

Add Password to A PDF File with EasePDF Protect PDF

This PDF protector is quite simple to use. Only by going through 4 easy steps, you can add a password to the PDF file you want to keep private. Now let’s preview the guide to protect your PDF file immediately.

Step 1. Use a browser and go to the EasePDF platform. Then also go to All PDF Tools and select Protect PDF tools.

Step 2. Now you should add the PDF file to EasePDF for adding a password to it. Please press the Add File(s) button for adding, or select options like GoogleDrive, OneDrive, DropBox, URL to add the PDF that you store there.

Step 3. After the PDF file is added, you can add a customized password for locking the PDF on. EasePDF will show you the strength level of the password you entered. Accordingly, I recommend you to set a stronger one for better protecting the content. When the password is well set, press the Protect PDF button.

Step 4. Now you can get the locked PDF file! Just hit the Download button and the file will be saved offline. EasePDF also allows you to save the file to Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox. Taking the URL and come to download the locked PDF later is also workable. EasePDF will save it for 24 hours!

EasePDF Advantages

Keeps all PDF files safe with advanced encryption technology and method;

Offers smooth performance and fast downloading speed;

Offers different languages such as English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese;

Provides all PDF tools for free and no registration is needed;

Offers the simplest way to use all tools.

In Conclusion

EasePDF is the best option for people to manage all PDF problems with such helpful solutions. Why not just try EasePDF by starting to protect your PDF file for the first time!

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