Pros and Cons of Installing A Mobile Tower on Your Property

You must have seen mobile towers on lots of properties, across residential areas. Moreover, if you live in an urban area, there is an even bigger chance of coming across these structures. This may have led you to think: ‘should my property have a mobile tower too?’

Well, if you do have an open space on your residence, it does sound great. However, to answer your question with better accuracy, there are a couple of things that you should understand before you finally decide on getting a mobile tower installed on your property. Learn more about Pros and Cons of Installing A Mobile Tower on Your Property at

Installing a mobile tower on your property can be a very tempting idea, especially, if you do not want to have tenants. Going through multiple tenants, finding a good one, and ensuring a steady source of income from a property that you may not need immediately is a great idea. Regardless, it can be quite a hassle. Instead, you can simply give it out to a telecom operator, or a tower building company and they can help you earn steadily.

Furthermore, the telecom companies are also quite eager to pay a hefty amount to set up more towers in booming localities. Be it a residential property, commercial property or even just land, service providers are ready to offer you with a deal as long as it matches their needs.

However, there are things that you need to be mindful of. We have divided the points into advantages and disadvantages, which will help you to understand what’s best for you.

What are the advantages of installing a mobile tower on my property?

A steady flow of money

Depending on where your property is situated, your monthly income flow can vary from ₹5,000 to as high as ₹60,000. Here, location does play a key impact. In many instances, forest or public areas that are farther away from residential houses seem to be attractive to telecom service providers. Hence, they would also be ready to pay a premium for such locations. Also, the amount you get can vary according to the height, area, and size of the property.

Long term source of income

The lease agreement that you agree upon with the telecom service provider is ideally long term. Therefore, a year long contract or even more than a year’s worth of contract guarantees you a long term income. In addition, the installed tower could also play a role in increasing the value of the land. Studies have shown that properties with mobile towers have also had their values go up by 15%, as compared to the surrounding land.

Get additional benefits

You could also be eligible for certain additional benefits when you have a telecom tower installed on your property. For example, you can get a free prepaid or postpaid online recharge, free broadband connections from the same service provider and more. Furthermore, if you are already living in the same property, you may even get a better network.

What are the disadvantages of installing a mobile tower on my property?

Your health could get affected

When you install a cell phone tower at your residence, you could start to experience many health hazards. Headaches, memory loss, cardiovascular issues and others are found commonly. You are not going to suffer from all of these, but there is an increased risk. Long term exposure to radio waves could affect your health. Hence, it is better that you don’t reside in the same building where the tower is located.

Your property doesn’t look that great

Well, telecom providers do help in improving connectivity and give you income too. However, your property doesn’t look interesting enough. If you are someone who has an extremely beautiful property with state-of-the-art fittings and furnishings, then, having a cell phone tower on top of it may disappoint you.

Now, you can always approach telecom service providers, if you are interested to have a tower installed. Also, if you are thinking of having a telecom tower installed simply because you have a bad cell phone service, then we suggest getting a MNP port instead. Just port your number to a different service provider and see how that works out for you.

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