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With its Mediterranean climate, stunning coastal views, and vibrant culture, Turkey is an increasingly popular destination for expatriates and holiday homebuyers alike. Whether you are looking for a permanent move or just a holiday home abroad, new apartments for sale in Kestel or a flat in Istanbul, buying property in Turkey can be a great investment. It can provide you with the opportunity to experience everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

The Turkish property market has been growing rapidly in recent years as more and more investors are choosing to invest in this country. In particular, the increase in foreign direct investment (FDI), along with a booming tourism industry, has helped spur growth within the sector. As a result, there is now plenty of opportunity for potential buyers and investors seeking property for sale in side Turkey and looking to make the most of Turkey’s unique combination of cultural heritage, strategic geographical location, and competitive prices. Foreign investment in Turkey has been on the rise over recent years, with a particularly large increase in the number of foreign companies choosing to invest in this country. Turkey’s tourism industry has also seen considerable growth, with the number of visitors to this country increasing year-on-year. In fact, Turkey is one of the top holiday destinations in the world and is known for its vast coastline, ancient history, vibrant culture and beautiful scenery.

Property prices are lower than in many other places, and there is a great selection of properties to choose from. But where should you buy it? This article will guide you through the best locations to purchase property in Turkey, ensuring that you make the right decision for your needs. Let’s start with the most popular options.


Istanbul is the most popular city in Turkey, and it s also one of the most important cities in the world. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan place with something to offer everyone. Istanbul is the country’s largest city. It is home to a vast number of historical attractions and landmarks. It also has a rich cultural life, from opera houses to art galleries and museums. The city is also a thriving business center, with many international corporations having offices here. Istanbul is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe, and it has a vibrant nightlife that draws people from all over the world. The city’s beaches are a popular destination for tourists, especially during the summer. The city is also famous for its cuisine and has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Istanbul is an ancient city with a history spanning back more than two thousand years. It was founded in the 7th century by the Greeks and later conquered by the Romans. It has been a part of several empires over the centuries, including the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and finally, the Republic of Turkey. The city’s population is composed of many ethnicities and cultures. Istanbul’s historic center, however, is largely defined by the remnants of its Byzantine and Ottoman past. The city s symbol is the Galata Tower, standing where once stood the massive city walls of Constantine. Istanbul’s population is one of the largest cities in Europe. The city serves as the administrative hub for the province of Istanbul and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Istanbul has one of the largest urban economies in the world, being home to 16% of the total national GDP. Tourism is one of the principal economic sectors of Istanbul. The city hosted 45 million tourists in 2015, 4% of the total number of tourists in Turkey and 35% of the total number of international visits to Turkey. The city has one of the busiest airports in the world, Istanbul Atatürk Airport, handling millions of passengers annually. It is a major international hub for both passenger and cargo traffic. Istanbul’s port, the largest in the country, is among the largest shipping centers in the world.


Ankara is the capital and second-largest city in Turkey, making it a prime location for property investment. As Turkey continues to develop rapidly, many investors are looking for the best places to buy property in Ankara. Investing in real estate in Ankara can be incredibly lucrative as the city continues to grow—but not all neighborhoods may be a good investment.

There are many different neighborhoods that may be good places to invest but you should consider many factors when deciding where to buy property in Ankara. First, you should look for neighborhoods that are close to the city center but still have easy access to public transportation. This is because in Ankara, traffic congestion can be a major problem and if your property is too far from the city center, you will not get a good return on your investment. Also, you should look for neighborhoods that have a high demand for housing and are close to schools, universities and hospitals. As with many other cities in the world, property prices will usually increase if you are able to find a location that is close to these types of facilities.

The city is also home to several international universities and colleges like the Middle East Technical University (METU), which has been ranked among the best technical universities in Turkey, while Ankara University is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Turkey. With its rich cultural and historical heritage, Ankara is a beautiful city that can be enjoyed by both residents and tourists alike.


With its strong economic growth, increasing population, and growing infrastructure, now is the perfect time to invest in Turkish real estate. However, if you’re looking for somewhere that offers more than just big-city living, then Kestel could be an ideal option for you. Located on the Mediterranean coast, approximately 15 miles from Antalya Airport, this seaside town offers access to stunning beaches, fine dining establishments, and plenty of outdoor activities – all within reach of some of Turkey’s most iconic landmarks. The town boasts a charming historic center lined with Ottoman houses and cafes, while the surrounding area offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, and swimming.

Kestel offers an idyllic setting with a low cost of living and a growing economy. With its nearby resort towns, warm climate, and beautiful scenery, it is no wonder why so many people are looking to buy property in Kestel.

Kestel offers a great opportunity for both short-term rental investments and long-term ownership options, so there’s something to suit every investor’s needs. Also, due to its strong local economy coupled with government incentives, real estate prices are affordable here compared to other towns in Antalya Province.


Antalya has become an incredibly popular destination for purchasing property over the past several years, especially for those looking to purchase real estate in Turkey. There are a variety of reasons why Antalya has become such a desirable place to buy property, ranging from its beautiful beaches and coastal climate to its vibrant city life and rich culture. Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. The city was named after Attalos II, King of Pergamon, who founded it in the 3rd century BC at the site of a shipwreck. The city has grown through the years, and today is a modern metropolis with over 1.6 million inhabitants.

Antalya has become an incredibly popular destination for purchasing property over the past several years, especially for those looking to purchase real estate in Turkey. Antalya is a modern city that offers its residents a wide range of amenities, attractions, and leisure opportunities. The city’s finest beaches are located in the district of Konyaalti, which is also home to many high-end hotels and nightclubs. The city is also home to two large shopping malls, namely Antalya Plaza and Lara Shopping Center. The city is also a popular destination for tourists due to its many historical sites, including the Antalya Museum, which is one of Turkey’s largest museums. The city has witnessed a real estate boom over the past few years, with property prices increasing at a rapid pace. The city has also witnessed a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting it as well.

These were four main cities we wanted to mention. It’s your choice which you would prefer. When you decide on the city, read more about it exclusively. Mind the prices, the infrastructure, the transport and the views. You should fall in love with the property you are buying – then you will profit. We believe in you and wish you good luck.

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