Professional Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing Industrial Environment

Among the various different cleaning solutions, using a professional steam cleaner is turning into a popular phenomenon due to its multifunctional use and environment-friendly cleaning.

Whether it’s public transport, massive industrial plants, food processing industries, schools, or hospitals; ensuring the maximum hygiene of everyone and everything involved is of utmost importance. There is a great variety of solutions – ranging from the traditional sweepers and cleaning brushes to using the vacuum cleaners. The latest and the most effective of such methods is the use of a professional steam cleaner which offers a plethora of advantages to its users.

For one, steam cleaners don’t use any harmful chemicals to disinfectant an area or equipment; rather, they rely on streams of normal, clean waters which makes them very friendly to the environment. The use of steam also makes it a better choice for the wellbeing of cleaning personnel. Highly effective in cleaning vast areas and complicated environments in the quickest possible time, with the hot steam vapor drying up as quickly as they fall on the surfaces; they are also a very cost-effective solution. The availability of many different designs, variable capabilities, as well as the opportunity to opt for a custom solution makes them a no-brainer for many various different industries too.

Fixed Professional Steam Cleaners

Slightly bulkier in size, greatly powerful, and immobile; the fixed range of professional steam cleaners look and feel almost like any other industrial cleaning equipment. However, the difference lies in their use of only hot waters, along with the simple process of integration with the production cycle.

Designed specifically to run continuously round the clock without a break, these cleaners are perfect to build a special cleaning zone, to degrease production equipment, to sanitize finished products, etc. They can also be designed to be integrated into the conveyor belts of a production cycle, ensuring maximum hygiene in every step of the production without damaging the continuity of such systems. While they are not applicable for mobile works, they are quite easy to remove; which makes them quite comfortable to perform any maintenance works.

Mobile Professional Steam Cleaners

In addition to the fixed cleaners, there are also quite a few different portable steam cleaners. Mobile and usually equipped with wheels for easier handling, these cleaners can be easily moved around; making them perfect for cleaning vast spaces such as schools and hospitals. The same functionalities also make them a perfect fit to sanitize public arenas, train stations, etc.

Thanks to their compact shape, these steam cleaners are also quite easy to maneuver in tight spaces – a characteristic that makes them suitable for tasks such as sanitizing a bus interior, disinfecting the train handles, and so on. Similarly, it also makes them effective in degreasing any complex mechanism used in cosmetic or food processing industries. Despite their smaller size, however, they still have enough room to carry around enough waters. Some mobile professional steam cleaners even come with an accessory carrier built into them.

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