Process Of Air Conditioner Installation In Brisbane North

Summers are around the corner in Brisbane north, Australia. the first thing that comes to your mind after listening about summers is the heat of Brisbane. So probably, you need to install the new air conditioners to balance the temperature of your house or office?

We all know how much the heat of Brisbane is dangerous and breathtaking. if it’s not fully air-conditioned then it’s impossible to stand indoors.

You can’t stay in any building or covered area if it’s not air-conditioned you will suddenly feel suffocated and exhausted. So, in Brisbane, all the houses, schools, offices, and commercial building temperatures are balanced by the installed ducted air conditioner or split/window air conditioners.

Well, it’s important to air-condition the indoor areas otherwise the heat of Brisbane will exhaust your mind. so, you might be thinking to install the air-conditioned on your place then here in this article, we will discuss the complete process of installing an air conditioner because it’s better to get educated before starting any process.

At first, you need to decide which air-conditioning system will fulfill your needs and be cost-effective on your budget. Then you need to hire any professional air conditioner installation in Brisbane north services. you will get many companies that provide air conditioner installation services in Brisbane north.

They will guide you throughout the process and also recommend where you can buy your air conditioner system and installed them in your house, office, or building. So let me give you a quick guiding overview of the process. through this process, you will get an idea that how the professional performs the air conditioner installation process.

All you have to choose the right services and hire expert professionals. Now let’s move to the installation process. The professional divided the installation process into three processes that are mentioned below;

Pre-installation process

It is performed before the installation process of the air conditioner which involves three steps.

Accessed your home

First the professional will visit your entire home to check the structure, design, and size of your house. After visiting the entire home, the team of professionals will make the suggestions that whether you should install the ducted air conditioner or split air conditioner.

Usually, the technician would recommend the ducted air conditioner systems for the big houses as they provide efficient results and balanced the temperature perfectly although the split air conditioner is quite adequate and inexpensive as compared to the ducted system for big homes ducted air-conditioned system would be best.

The ducted system will fully air conditioner the whole house and keeps the temperature balanced. The technician also examined how much time will be required in the process and what type of instruments are needed

Checking the existing unit and evaluating the right place for installation

Once the technician team will examine your house then they will identify and examine the existing unit. if there is a need to install the new unit or the older one is in its right position once it is examined then the right place of installation will be determined. They will identify where the outdoor unit should be placed and where the system should be placed

Recommend the air-conditioner size and type

The size and type of air conditioner vary according to your need and according to your budget margin. There are different types of air conditioner systems are available in the market. their prices also vary according to their reliability, efficiency, and sizes.

The team of technicians will purpose different names of companies and systems. You have to choose one that fits perfectly with your need.

Installation process

Remove indoor evaporator coil and central air conditioner unit

The next step is to remove the existing evaporator coils as they are not going to use again. The sheet metal plenum should be removed. It must be placed above the furnace or below in the basement. After the central air conditioner unit should remove too along with the refrigerant. It should be removed before coming the new refrigerant of the central air conditioner unit and safely dispose of by the recovery machine.

Remove copper refrigerant lines

Next, the installers will remove the existing refrigerant line from where the refrigerant travels from the outdoor condenser to the indoor conductors and vice versa. It is the two copper lines that are strapped in the bottom area of joists.

Installing a new evaporator coil and refrigerant lines and central air conditioner

Next, the installer will install the new indoor evaporator coil with ceased coil and insulated cabinets. Currently, both the ceased and un-ceased coils are used in the market but the ceased coils are mostly used these days. Now the two different copper lines will be placed which are called the refrigerant lines.

At last, the area will be prepared where the new air conditioner will be located. The area must be leveled up or built with concrete and secures with screws. The air conditioner will work accurately and placed properly on the concrete pads.

Setting the air conditioner condenser

To remove any mishap or accidental situation the installer will check ad set the air conditioner condenser. During the process, it might happen that the coils or panels got damaged so the electrical wires will be connected.

Installing dryer filter

Next, the liquid line filter drier will b installed into the refrigerant system. The filter fryer installation is the most crucial process as it is necessary to install it close to the expansion valve.

Installing high and low voltage wiring

Now the main wiring process will start by connecting the high and low-voltage wiring the installer will connect the in-house power connection with the external power unit of the air conditioner.

Installing condensate drain line

Now lastly the condensate drain line will be connected with the evaporator coil to remove the moisture from the home.

Post-installation/ testing process

Starting air conditioner for testing

After that, the installer will check the system by starting the air conditioner. If the air conditioner will start balancing the temperature within twenty minutes, then it is working accurately.

Cleaning up Closing

After cleaning up and collecting all the instrumental stuff the installers will close the installation process.

Final words

The air conditioner installation process is quite easier if you have chosen the professional services then the installation process is easier and more reliable.

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