Pristyn Care doctors perform Tonsil surgery with minimum pain

Tonsils are two small masses of tissue present in the body at the back of the throat. They are made of similar tissues like lymph nodes or glands. More interestingly, they are a part of the immune system. The reason anyone might look for the treatment or surgical removal of the same is a bacterial or viral infection. Once the tonsils get infected, they begin to cause a lot of problems and it can happen with people of any age group. Kids are mostly affected by the condition, but that does not mean that adults can not get it. The chances of getting tonsil infection are slim once you cross 60 if you never had them in the past.

When we say that tonsils are a part of the immune system, they only protect us when we were an infant. Once a kid is over 1 year or 18 months of age, the tonsils do not have any essential immune function. Furthermore, it’s a myth that getting a surgical removal of tonsils can lower your immunity. When you will get to the bottom of this blog, you will understand how?

Treat tonsilitis with a modern procedure before it gets worse!

The surgery of tonsilitis may help your kid to get better, relieve symptoms, and enable your kid to get back to the normal routine within 2 – 3 days. Tonsil removal, in fact, saved the lives of children with rheumatic fever. The treatments are painless and just-as-effective. There is one healthcare institution in India where ENT doctors are using advanced technologies to treat kids as well as adults with ENT problems including tonsil infection. The treatment is daycare, painless, heal the patients faster, involves fewer incisions and does not impose a lot of risks.

How can a specialized doctor help in tonsil infection?

There are many different & critical conditions that would signal the need to see an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor. Patients visit ENTs for a sore throat or trouble to speak that won’t go away, experience ringing in the ears, or were suffering from sleep apnea, etc.

You may have a condition that is causing irritation or problems with your ears, nose, and/or throat, but that is not directly related to these areas of the body. So many questions can be answered in one visit to an ENT. If problems with your tonsils caused by an infection, go see an ENT specialist now!

After reading this, you must be thinking that a lot of ailments can be treated by a physician, so why go to an ENT? An ENT doctor is a master of these areas and capable of providing more in-depth knowledge as well as deliver more comprehensive treatment options based on his experience. Based on my personal experiences, I can suggest the best ENT doctors to you.

Getting a modern treatment improves your condition and reduces symptoms, also, here are some of the benefits of tonsillectomy:

  • Improved quality of life: The condition can be painful and frustrating, but a successful tonsillectomy can improve your overall quality of life
  • Fewer infections: The surgery can help you with overall health, those who experience tonsillitis caused by bacteria should have fewer infections. Well, you may still be at risk of colds and viruses, but these are less likely to develop into chronic infections
  • Limit the medication: If you have fewer tonsillitis infections, you’ll be prescribed less medication, maybe antibiotics. Considerably, antibiotics have several benefits, they kill off your good bacteria along with the bad
  • Improved sleep: When your tonsils become enlarged, it can disrupt your sleep or result in sleep apnoea
  • Less time off work or school: The condition can be pretty uncomfortable, so it’s no wonder that it often results in a lot of absences from school or work

Advancing tonsil treatments with modern technology

Removing the tonsils has been one of the most common surgical procedures performed on kids. Earlier, ENT specialists or surgeons used sharp surgical tools to remove tonsils and stop the bleeding by tying the vessels in the tonsil bed. Moreover, the postoperative pain of tonsillectomy in a lot of kids caused an inability to swallow liquids and food as well as dehydration. Another factor that discouraged the traditional surgical procedure was that it left marks and scar tissues.

With the advent of the advanced electrical handheld device, surgeons are cutting tissue and stop bleeding with electrically produced heat. These modern medical advances have made tonsillectomy a much quicker and simpler procedure. Some new devices use different types of energy which deliver less heat to the surrounding tissue. They include the coblator, plasma knife, and Laser.

How are doctors at Pristyn Care perform painless tonsil surgery?

Pristyn Care is a one-stop clinic for all ENT problems. They have the best ENT specialists who are using the modern surgical procedure on an out-patient basis. Having performed a lot of tonsil surgeries using modern techniques, they have gained edge and expertise in a new surgical approach which results in a quick, safe, and almost painless recovery.

Pristyn Care

The reason that healing is much faster without any of the common adverse effects is rooted in the capabilities of the surgical devices. The patient is allowed to go home the same day in most cases, and complete healing takes 3-4 days, at max. Also, the well-known complication of late post-surgical bleeding is somewhat eliminated.

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