Preventive Measures To Keep Pests Out In Winter

Holiday guests are a welcome addition in winter–unless they are pests. Mosquitoes and bees fly overhead in the summer, but mice, spiders, and cockroaches can crawl underfoot this winter. These pests seek shelter from the cold, and our homes are warm places. In winter, a small infestation can become a massive problem as the season progresses. By following a few simple tricks, you can keep pests out of your home. You can learn about the safety measures to stay safe from the deadly insects, on this website:

However, you should always get your home tested with Austin pest exterminators to ensure your house is safe for you and your family.

Preventive measures to keep pests out in winter

1. Windows and doors

Replace or install door sweeps so that bugs can not easily crawl under doors. You can replace or repair your window screens and replace the weather stripping.

2. Trim your trees and bushes

Pests can use the branches of trees that touch your house to make pathways into your home. Keeping your trees and bushes trimmed can create a gap between them and your house.

3. Seal cracks and holes

Sealing the cracks or openings of your home can help prevent the pests from making their way inside. Also, check where utilities and pipes enter your house. Keep in mind that a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime.

4. Keep the firewood away from your house.

A 20-foot or more distance is required to place the firewood somewhere away from the house is recommended because the fireplace is one of the best nesting places. Ensure that the wood is stored and off the ground.

5. Clear clutter

You should spray your lawn with pesticides or insecticides to keep away unwanted pests. You should also keep your yard clean by getting rid of indoor clutter. It is easier to find signs of an infestation if you do not have a mess.

6. Keeping the yard clean

Remove branches, leaves, and anything that can be a nesting place for pests.

7. Food storage

Keep your food in a tightly sealed container through which pests cannot wiggle or chew—depriving pests of food is a critical step to preventing infestations. Keep your tables, stoves, and counters clean by wiping them off thoroughly. A small food particle can feed bugs.

8. Fix the drips

Dripping faucets and leaking pipes provide moisture to pests need for their survival. Making them deprived of humidity makes your home non-attractive for pests and saves money on water bills and fixing plumbing problems before they worsen.

9. Do not keep your things out.

Things like dirty dishes in the sink–pests love it–as well as leaving your pet food out all night also attracts pests. Bugs like cockroaches can swim, and thus dishes soaked in water can become a pest pool. Also, drain the excess standing water in houseplants.

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