Preparing In A Smart And Proper Way With NCERT Books

Here comes the exam time! 24 hours a day may not seem to be enough. There is a lot to study within a stipulated period of time and students are bound to panic. It follows the age old thought that time and time do not wait for anyone, so rather than craving for the extra time you should use the time available to you in a proper way. Getting engrossed in books will not help you at this juncture but to study smartly and properly will help you immensely. Opting for class 8 social science guide can help you to score high marks. Below are some of the tips that helps you to deal with the difficult time period of exams.

  • Connote a story- All of us love to interpret the stories heard during our childhood days. Don’t you think it is amazing? Such a logic is applicable to your studies as well. If you are able to make a story out of your books then you will be able to remember it properly. So rather than looking at your book like a boring piece of information it is better that you convert them into an interesting text that helps you tap on to each aspect of the brain. It is going to be great fun and lower down your stress levels.
  • Read things loud- There is no need to be shocked as when you read loud it involves your eyes, ears and the speech. The moment you read the information loud you can hear and feel it. When you are reading the information silently you can see it only. With such a lot of senses involved the cognitive juices flow that helps you to memorize the information easily
  • Use mnemonic- Remember those days where our teachers used to mimic stories and make us explain things. Though it was a child’s play it was something that was fixed on to our heart. You can try to grasp these memory pointers and grasp the information. It is of help to summarize the information which is not going to overload the brain.
  • Switch subjects- everyone is bound to feel bored when they study a certain subject for a prolonged period of time. Even the human brain becomes tired of reading the same subject line. Suppose you have a couple of subjects, it is better that you divide your time equally. This is of immense help to have a better understanding of the subject and you will not be bored. By this method your brain will have the much needed space as it can absorb all the information without being tired
  • Preparing notes- There is no need to worry as no one is asking you to prepare notes at the last moment. You may note down the important points and just be fine with it. When you are noting down the important points it enables you to refresh the information that makes it easy for the grey matter to retain the information. So next time when you are going through the NCERT solutions for class 8 social science note down the important points. Try to retain the vital information or prepare a flow chat from the same. You will be in a position to recollect the information easily
  • Repeat telecast- Take some time off and try to revise things. Just a mere glance on to the available information and you will be able to understand things. The age old proverb of practice makes things perfect holds value.
  • Analogy help- This is a concept where you compare one thing to another. Such a comparison helps you to understand the subject matter by proper comparison. But it happens to be a fun way that you will be recollecting during the course of the exams.
  • Data summarize- the long topics or matter may end up cluttering your brain space. You need to summarize the vital points and make brief points that will be easy to understand. Such a method enables to summarize the vital information, and is not bound to create a traffic jam of information flow on your head.
  • Regular study breaks are vital- The thought may strike you that we are looking to save time and how does break comes into the equation. When you take regular breaks it enhances your productivity and you end up focussing more. So rather than studying always try to take breaks in between to refresh your mind.

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