Precious Mangalsutra and its importance

“When in doubt wear black”- said someone anonyms, true to the statement, it holds good for anything wearable. From the little black dress to the long mangalsutra design in your Jewellery chest, from a pair of black sandals to a black accessory such as a belt- there is no denying that all things black have the strength to pump the presence by a notch higher. A black highlight in any form that is accessory or Jewellery accentuates the beauty.

Mangalsutra Prominence

“Mangal” as the name suggests means “Auspicious”, so is this holy ornament which is highly regarded as a prized possession in terms of their sentimental and sacred value. They also make the best gifts for Indian women for the emotion behind them. You can view a plethora of designs online when you look for traditional black beads gold chain that is modern too.

Different Mangalsutra styles

Jewellery, however, is yellow, but with few exceptions i.e. black beads or mangalsutras we can create stunning style statements- gone was the time when women wore long mangalsutras that were symbolic of being married. As time passed, mangalsutras evolved in design, style and changed the course of adornment too i.e. they are not mere neckwear but are being designed into bangles, rings, earrings, bracelets and in some cases payal too.

What to look for while buying a Mangalsutra

While you are eager to get home your coveted piece ensure to look for the following aspects:

  1. Choose the length as per your usage i.e. if you are working women who prefer to wear it on your office wear then go for a short mangalsutra model else for occasional wear choose the long one.
  2. Latest mangalsutras come in a Pendant style, something which you can also detach, so those of you who fancy different styles you can select single mangalsutra and keep adding different pendants to it. The pendant can be a beautiful solitaire or a high dose of Pachi Polki design or a simple floral pattern. You can also jazz it up with a geometric tassel that is quirky.
  3. Ensure the clasp that is used to secure the mangalsutra does not interfere with hair at the back of the neck. Go for clasps that have a smooth finish.
  4. If you are customizing, you can select the length as per your choice.

Types of Mangalsutras

Lightweight Mangalsutras

If you are that minimalist nut then you can try the lightweight mangalsutras coming under 8gms, beautiful and nonchalant they can be adorned on both western and Indian wear. The lightweights and can be used alongside a gold chain too.

Thali Style Mangalsutras

A mangalsutra design that represents the traditional “Thali Bottu” of the bride. The thali style comes as a locket, they are simple and subtle throwing a magnetic charm on every attire.

Double layered Mangalsutra

Though slightly heavy than the others, double-layered mangalsutras come in both long and short styles. They are instant charmers to adorn from religious events to an evening party.

With so many tips and tricks, shop your mangalsutra like a pro. Go for trendy style or for that traditional vibe be sure to awe everyone with the choice of your Jewellery.

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