Practises where beginners in vaping go wrong mostly!

It’s alright to make a mistake! Makes you more human in fact. And when you start vaping, it’s natural to commit some mistakes here as well. Because this is an area where you won’t get many helpers to guide you. But these mistakes can be serious and often cost you lots of money or they may make you quit vaping totally because of the unsatisfactory results.

Ø Things people do wrong while vaping as beginners!

Though we agree that vapes are a bit more complex than cigarettes, but they aren’t that difficult to give you issues while handling them. And that is why making mistakes here shouldn’t be a common issue for you. So, let’s read about the various mistakes of vaping that you may make as beginners, and which should be best avoided.

o Buying an advanced mod as your first device — Mostly when you are a beginner in vaping, it’s always recommended to get a starters vape-pack. These devices are pretty easy to handle. But if you directly buy the complex and advanced vapes like Pax 3 vaporizer from VaporizerHut, then you are slightly mistaken in your choice at this nascent stage of vaping. The brand, however, stocks all sorts of starter’s vapes and advanced ones, along with every conceivable kind of vaping accessories. But picking the advanced one often leaves you confused.

o Buying a poor-quality e-cigarette — We know you are on a trial period and investing a large sum in a vape now isn’t wise, but don’t just pick any cheap device of very poor quality. This deteriorates your very first experience — and if you aren’t enjoying vaping, you may as well give it up.

o Not taking the right nicotine level — Nicotine is somewhat present in all the flavours and weeds you use for vaping. And if you use nicotine in minimum quantity, then the vape wouldn’t feel satisfactory. And if you are overusing it, then it would be similar to your cigarette addiction and will harm you in the long run. So, in order to avoid such situations, try using nicotine salts or go for an average level of the same during vaping.

o Not reading the users’ manual — You may have heard about vaping and its procedure a lot from your friends. But it’s entirely a different experience to try it on your own. And if you aren’t taking the guidance from your users’ manual, then you are definitely committing a mistake. So, read with diligence.

o Keeping the vape mod in your pocket when it’s still on — No doubt vaping mods and pods are designed to fit in your pockets. But these can be harmful when you tuck them in your pocket while it’s switched on. Though your pocket won’t catch fire in this situation, but it’s still not acceptable.

Apart from these mistakes, if you aren’t changing your coil after every use, or burning them too much or even pairing the wrong tank with the coils, then you are indeed committing some mistakes that you’ll discover later when you become a pro in vaping. But it’s always better to avoid them and start slow but great!

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