Popular designs of a modern home

Do you ever think how the world is so differently-made having a concept in its every element? It is due to design. Design is a fundamental concept that interprets your imagination and thinking. Today, in this fast-moving world, designs play a vital role in every aspect. Design is not only for the sake of making but contains a unique concept that makes it different from others. For the initial stage, designs can be made in the form of sketch, plan or blueprint. Then further, the design can be implemented. Nowadays, there are boundless types when it comes to designs. Some types of designs can be:

  • Home designing
  • Fashion designing
  • Industrial designing
  • Game designing

When we talk about Modern home, it is viewed as to be inspired by historical art movements of modernism. modern home styles include features such as:

  • Lots of spaces
  • Clean area
  • Geometric lines and shapes

The designs of a home include both interior and exterior parts. The interior part is known as interior designing, whereas the exterior part is known as the architecture. Many companies and organizations are intensifying new ideas and concepts in their designs by making it valuable.one of them is Dion Seminara Architecture located in Australia. Its main focus is to design enhancing lives. This company has the bulk to the super cool team that is very happy to work with everyone for almost 30 years. They have a high experience when it comes to renovation, building new homes and maintaining ultimate luxury to their places.so to decide, first you need to know about the popular modern designs that are trendy nowadays. Some of them are:

Modern home design (big or small homes)

Both types of home designs contain vintage and wow factor. This is due to the bewildering construction of swimming pools, terrace for big houses and comfortable rooms for small houses. A beautiful and spacy heightens your enjoyment of the indoors and is best for the introverts. Use your pool in a way that mimics the exterior side of your home. The terrace can be attached with a lift, or an armchair so that you can spend every ounce of your day appreciating and praising God’s beauty.

On the other hand, it also joins the connection between interior and exterior home by making it an eye-catching place. MM architects in Vietnam create this amazing design concept:

When we talk about exteriors:

Modern Greenery home design

Every thought about a home that is super green, if no, then let us discuss this. This type of home contains a design where the whole roof is full of green elements such as a garden. It promotes the concept of a healthy earth. The rainwater can easily reach the roots of the garden, set on the rooftop. Set in a perfect style, white cherry blossoms and little lilies create a perfect room combination with an astonishing view. This concept was first designed in Singapore’s sky garden home by the Guz architects. This idea later proved to be very beneficial for the environment and is considered as the most popular and special design.

Modern Desert home design

Eventually, it is possible when it comes to the idea of living in a desert and home at the same time. The exteriors of your home are made in such a way that it contains rocks and sand. It gives an art type look to the home and a new life to it. This is always a dreamlike place to feel beachy and tanned like you might be in safari. And this type of home design is specially made for the artist, who prefer traveling and sootiness.

High ceiling and staircases

You can make most of your good views by building interior protrusions. Highly sexy and sophisticated when it comes to the use of ceiling and staircases. Sculpt your home with vintage-like designs to create a balancing environment. You can also design your ceiling with different wallpapers and textures. Installing false ceilings in your home is also very trendy and fashionable nowadays. Use different colors and shapes combinations for your ceilings to show the veracity of colors. Featuring, curved or winder staircases. Then, match your sofas and furniture concerning the theme and mood.

When we talk about interiors:

Dreamy master bedroom suite

The bedroom is a significant and major part of a home. Getting the direct sunlight view from the window or a door with the matching curtains and drapes makes it a remarkable view. The room can consist of different types of themes. Such as for a girl, the room can be painted with light colors to give a soft and smooth look. For boys, the room can be a little bit bold-themed. Pop your bedroom suite with noticeable items and decoration accessories to create a luxury look. You can also use antiques or bookshelves to create a studying view. For an extra look, you can use fabric panels and canopies.

Metallic or wood

You can always use stainless steel around your house in kitchen, doors, and windows.it is also very safe for privacy concerns and shows a boldness like structure. You can also combine different styles and patterns when it comes to wood.it gives a French-Canadian outlook for anyone to be inspired of. You can then adjust different decoration items according to the color.

3d glass tiles

The greatest success of the times starts with revolutions. Beforehand, tiles were only made of marble, cement or porcelain. But now, this 3d technology has taken this idea to a when new great level. These 3d glass tiles make you feel like you are in a different world. You can also use these 3d tiles on your kitchen, bathroom or another place you prefer.

Convertible or attached furniture

One of the greatest innovations of the times is the convertible furniture.it is very efficient in saving spaces and uses furniture according to the need. For a good selection of convertible or attached furniture’s one should hire Good architects and their clients. They have taste and style, and together they will create gorgeous and breathtaking modern house designs, no matter how big or small the house is at the end. Mix colors and themes according to your choice for the perfect blend of modern and homely.

A word to remember:

Many new advancements are changing the core of the past designs and changing its view to easily accessible designs. Now it is our responsibility not to let anything vanish our former styles. But, it should enhance the former concept to generate new designs make them look better.

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