Popular Denver Neighborhoods in 2024

Many neighborhoods of Denver are now becoming the heart of the real estate business. Denver, which is the capital city of Colorado, offers many job opportunities. The multicultural people willing to settle here first find a rental home or residential property for sale in the Denver neighborhood areas. You can learn about the best locations to buy your new house, on this website: www.estate-link.net

Here, we have listed the top Denver neighborhood places for dwelling.


The lower downtown or LoDo is a cultural place to live in. This place has many historical values, which you can find on the classic structures. They are still in use for commercial and residential purposes. If you seek a rental home in LoDo, you will get them at $ 1,000 for a 1 bedroom apartment. A standard apartment with 3 bedrooms will cost you $ 3,200 rental.

The important highlights of this place are as follows.

  • Coors Field
  • Union Station
  • Millennium Bridge
  • Elitch Gardens Amusement Park
  • 16th Street Mall

Nightlife culture is present in LoDo. Hence, this neighborhood of Denver never sleeps. It is a budget-friendly place for tourists to stay on their Colorado tours.


The lower highland or Lohi is preferred for its cool climate and serene view of Denver Downtown places when it comes to living space. Thus, it is going to become one of the suburban areas of Denver in the near future. The civic amenities and facilities are good in Lohi Denver for the residents. Real estate price is booming here, as it was an erstwhile investment area on historic structures.

North Capitol Hill

People looking for an urbanized neighborhood of Denver must settle in North Capitol Hill. The real estate price of this place is increasing as many premium apartment projects are coming here. Many standard-type apartments have been present here for the past two decades. Yet, urban transformation has been happening in this place for the past decades. The below-mentioned buildings are still in good condition in this place.

  • Century-old mansion Homes
  • Contemporary TownHomes
  • Molly Brown House
  • State Capitol

A lot of people are investing in real estate in North Capitol Hill as they can mature in a short time. Studio type 3 bedroom rental price starts from $ 4,000. A 2 bedroom semi-furnished apartment rental price starts from $ 2,000. North Capitol Hill has many nightclubs, shopping areas, and restaurants. Thus, it is the next best investment place, which is in the neighborhood areas of Denver.

City Park West

It is the best place to dwell by students, unmarried corporate workers, and small families in the neighborhoods of Denver. Many classic to modern homes are here for small families and singles to stay at a lower rental price. This place is under the commercial corridor project. Yet, the real estate price is not steep to buy a dream home in City Park West. Important highlights of this place are as follows.

  • Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital
  • Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • Smith House

The 17th and 18th Avenue cross is the marketplace to purchase all home needs. Rental homes are much in demand as many people seek medical treatment from the above said modern hospitals.

Alamo Placita

It is the only place to see the Revival-style, Victorian-era, and Spanish Mission-style architectural values in the neighborhood area of Denver. People preferring the green zone must buy a dream home here. It is a cool and calm place to reside in a rental home or buy a residential property of classic home type. The real estate values are not high, as it is the best place for investment by middle class people. This neighborhood is green due to the presence of these parks.

  • Alamo Placita Park
  • Arlington Park
  • Chutes Park

If you wish to settle in a historic district, Alamo Placita is the best for living in a green and calm environment. It has rail and road connectivity to Denver city.

So above top Denver neighborhoods are full of fun activities, have good commercial value and best for living in Denver.

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