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Asia is the world’s largest continent and constitutes almost two-thirds of the human population too. It has the states that varied in statuses and cultures drastically. There are first world countries, and nations that are striving to even get recognized and all have custom map art as they all are rich in culture and history. If in one place there are extremely rich countries like Japan, then, on the other hand, there are places like Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, and Iraq that are fighting for their basic rights even being present on this for centuries.

All these variations, political and cultural differences make Asia an attraction for outsiders. From outside, if one can see the age-long culture of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese then also can observe the traditional and completely different lifestyles of Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis. Also, these differences do not stem from religious differences but more associated with the region.

As all middle eastern states are Islamic by nature, however, their lifestyle is completely different than the Muslims who live on the subcontinent. Whereas, on the subcontinent, almost half of the population is Muslim and the other half belongs to Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism, but upon first look, no one can tell any difference among these people as they are sharing a long history and have adopted each other’s values.

Asia has become one of the top travel destinations, not just for tourists but also in terms of business as labor is very cheap here and can produce quality work. Whether they belong to the United States, Australia or Europe, finding opportunities in Asia is much easier than in any other continent. When it comes to choosing the most popular Asian cities, then there comes a long list. But we have picked some of the best ones. These are cities that are having the whole world in themselves.

· Tokyo:

Tokyo, a Japanese city famous for being highly advanced and based on advanced technology. If we call it the picture of modernity, then it will not be wrong. However, the most famous things in Tokyo are anime, video games and gamers, electric lights and its abundant use, and manga. This is the dream place for people who are tech-savvy and enjoy being in a highly competitive environment. Because this is the place where 9.273 million people are living and not having very welcoming attitudes toward outsiders.

· Shanghai:

Shanghai is a Chinese city and one of the most famous and rich when it comes to China. Its fame linked with the long history, historical buildings, museums, unique architecture, and location. One of the most famous historical landmarks includes city gold temple, yu garden, China pavilion and the buildings that are present just along the bund. Why is shanghai so famous? Because this is a city where you can learn about Chinese history and unique historical stories and customs. It is a very well mixture of cultures, especially when it comes to east and west ideologies.

· Beijing:

Being, the capital city of China has so many attractions. One of the most famous ones is the great wall that is also included in seven wonders of the world. There is a huge historical significance of their country. Especially because of the reason that it has been ruled by the richest dynasties of the world, such as the forbidden city. This city is also famous for its food spots and restaurants, like Peking duck and food like roasted duck. Being the capital of China, Beijing is considered one of the most important cities when it comes to business and economy.

· Karachi:

Karachi the city that holds a significant position when it comes to politics, especially because it is the capital city of one of Pakistan’s provinces called Sindh. It is the fifth most populous city in the world and known as a beta-global city. Other than this, the city has the port and historical landmarks like Mohatta palace. Majorly this place is famous for the economic point of view and considered as one of the major economic drivers of the whole country.

· Istanbul:

If one wants to enjoy multiculturalism, then he/she needs to visit Istanbul. The city that is present both in Asia and Europe across Bosphorus strait and depicts both European as well as Asian culture and norms. Historically, this city has long-long roots and a very deep one. It is one of the major tourist attractions because of the historical landmarks like Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque. Also, the food has its flavor and taste, things like Kebabs, lamb roast and Turkish tea.

· Bangkok:

Bangkok, the city of Thailand, is famous for its freestyle and vibrant and fun street life. Places like Chao Phraya river, complex network of canals, Rattanakosin royal district, Grand palace, wat Phra Kaew and shrines are one of the most famous places in Thailand. This is popular for having a welcoming environment and being the most affordable for the tourists as the lifestyle is simple and things are cheap.

· Seoul:

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, famous for its economic and business importance but also has very important historical landmarks. There are four major palaces named as Geongbokgung, Deoksugung, Changdeokgung, and lastly Changgyeonggung. Also, this is the city of modern values that are catering to almost 10 million people to this date. Another fun fact suggests that Seoul metropolitan city is having almost half of the whole south Korea. For shopping purposes, it is very good, especially because of artworks and antiques.

· Mumbai:

Mumbai, the hub of the world’s biggest film industry, Bollywood. Millions of millions of people come here to make their dreams come true. In India, it is considered as the place where you can achieve anything but offers very limited space to make them happen. Especially due to the fact that there are millions of people who are standing in line and wiring for their turn. This is the city of very great combinations, this is the city where India’s and some of the world’s most famous and rich people are living, on the other hand, in this very city people are dying due to hunger, and nobody knows about it.

Apart from this fact, the city holds port and some historical landmarks like Elephanta caves, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj terminus, the gateway of India and roadside Victorian-style buildings.

· Dubai:

Dubai, the city and country of its own, popular for its culture and economic value. This is one of the richest cities in the world and a place where you can enjoy living a luxurious lifestyle and can do the most quality shopping. It is the place where you can buy anything because all the major brands are present there. This city has no historical significance, but it is making right now; the tallest building in the world Burj ul Khalifa is present there, and it is one of the most expensive places.


These cities are famous not because they are rich but the culture and the stories they tell. Some are famous for their long histories and the others because of the business point of view, but no matter what their major reason is they are attractive for outsiders as well as for the nationals too.

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