Pets in the garage? Here’s what you should do!

Our pets have a special place in our hearts! But sometimes having a proper place for them in the house isn’t possible. That’s when your garage comes in handy. It can be a great shelter for them in your house and they’ll love spending time in this space when you aren’t at home. (Well, when you are at home, it’s better to have them sit near your couch and enjoy their milk while you sip your coke watching a movie.)

Ø  How to make your garage the best home for your pets!

Until now, you always thought of your garage as the space for parking your car. It’s still the same, but since you have such a huge space and almost all of it is vacant, it’s totally alright to allot a space here for your pet and let it enjoy its own privacy. But in order to make a place suitable for your pet, make it ready by following the below-listed steps:

o, Install a garage carpet — A pretty obvious step for the safety of your pet and the better aesthetics of your garage! A garage carpet in NZ from Unreal Lawns is made up of thick and best quality material that keeps your pets warm and comfortable. They would love the cosy feeling this carpet creates for them. On top of it, it would also prevent their slip on concrete if they try to rush towards you.

o   Regulate the temperature — You don’t want your pets to freeze in the chill weather in your garage, do you? Or suffer in scorching heat! That is why it’s very essential to regulate the temperature in this space. We suggest you should insulate the garage ceiling and the door — and of course, even the carpet helps in keeping the place warm.

o   Keep away the harmful elements — It’s never only the car in a garage. You have fuel, oil, extra tyres, spare parts, and even those sharp and pointed tools in the garage. If your pet gets closer to these and starts playing with the tools or tries to consume the oil, it can be very dangerous. That is why ensure to make a cupboard or a shelf at an unreachable height and keep such goods over there.

o   Sockets and sensors — Power cables and sockets in the garage shouldn’t be at all plugged in while you are away from the garage. You know how well these creatures can chew them and of course the consequences can be really drastic. Also ensure that your garage door’s sensors are working absolutely fine. They shouldn’t be closing when you are trying to open the same and vice versa. Otherwise, there is a grave danger of your pet getting crushed in between when you enter or exit the space.

After all these essential and safety precautions, do stack up the pet food in one corner (give measured portions in their bowl and pack away the rest), leave their favourite toys, and if your pet has a sleeping basket of its own, even this should be placed here. Now your garage isn’t just a home to your car, but also to a four-pawed friend.

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